Jetpack (Firefox project)

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Developer(s) Mozilla Corporation/Mozilla Foundation
Stable release
1.14[1] / March 26, 2013 (2013-03-26)
Written in HTML, CSS and JavaScript
Operating system Cross-platform
Platform Mozilla
Type Software development kit (SDK)
License MPL 2.0

Jetpack is a project that develops tools and frameworks to ease development of Firefox add-ons. The project has produced the Add-on SDK, a set of APIs, a runtime, and a command-line tool for creating and running add-ons, and the Add-on Builder, a Web-based integrated development environment which uses the SDK.[2][3]

Add-ons developed with the SDK are written in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript using CommonJS conventions. They do not require the user to restart Firefox when they are installed and uninstalled. The SDK's APIs are high-level, task-oriented, and designed to insulate developers from changes across Firefox versions.[4]

The project previously produced a tool called the Jetpack Prototype, which is now retired. APIs provided by the Jetpack Prototype are not compatible with the Add-on SDK.[5]


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