Jets'n'Guns Soundtrack

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Jets'n'Guns Soundtrack
Machinae supremacy jets n guns.jpg
Soundtrack album by Machinae Supremacy
Released 4 December 2004
Genre Industrial Metal, Heavy Metal, Chiptune, Video game music
Length 53:26
Machinae Supremacy chronology
Deus Ex Machinae
(2004)Deus Ex Machinae2004
Jets'n'Guns Soundtrack
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Gamer's Mark Sound 9.8/10 link
Game Tunnel Sound 10/10 link
InsideMacGames Sound 10/10 link
My Gamer Sound 6/10 link

The Jets'n'Guns Soundtrack was composed and performed by the SID Metal band Machinae Supremacy for the Jets'n'Guns computer game. The soundtrack is available for download on their site.

In an interview with Robert Stjärnström, he said of the soundtrack "since they didn’t have vocals, there was no pressure to follow any standard pop song "form". Free reins.".[1]


The downloadable soundtrack is encoded at higher quality than the versions included with the game (which were reduced for download size reasons), and slightly longer, as the music was cut so that it can be looped in the game. The downloadable soundtrack does not include "Hero". Hero is available separately on the Machinae Supremacy site.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Game Over" – 0:28
  2. "Theme from Jets'n'Guns" – 2:51
  3. "Fan va coolt (men om nånting)" – 2:21
  4. "Koala in the Spider's Web" – 2:02
  5. "MegaScorcher" – 1:59
  6. "Flight of the Toyota" (a.k.a. "Flight of the Koala") – 2:02
  7. "Teh evul p4in of Doomy Hell" (a.k.a. "Coffinator Theme") – 0:47
  8. "Erecta My Hamburger Baby" – 1:51
  9. "Little Green Men" – 2:01
  10. "Lava Trouble Bubble" – 2:25
  11. "Zogrim Ate My Hamster" – 1:09
  12. "Insectoid" – 1:06
  13. "Archangels of Sidaroth" – 1:18
  14. "Hyperchase" – 2:31
  15. "Burghammer Hill" – 2:28
  16. "Knee-Deep in the Xoxx" – 1:44
  17. "Kings of the Sea" – 1:56
  18. "FutureMachine" – 2:06
  19. "Lord Krutor's Dominion" – 2:22
  20. "SpacePunX" – 2:37
  21. "Dududub Dududum" – 0:57
  22. "Escaping the Krut" – 2:05
  23. "Death from Above" – 2:40
  24. "Flames of Fire" – 2:13
  25. "Judgement Fray" – 2:13
  26. "Machinaeguns" (a.k.a. "Xoxx Theme") – 2:28
  27. "R0x0rd teh X0xxor" – 0:50
  28. "Shop Music" – 3:20 (available in loop-cut form in Ogg format only)
  29. "Endgame" – 1:58

Links to other works[edit]

Despite being released in late 2004, the soundtrack has many songs based on songs from the 2006 album Redeemer, which was mostly produced in 2004. For example, the name "Futuremachine" was a hint from Robert Stjärnström that it was going to be a future Machinae Supremacy song, which turned out to be Reanimator.[2] The song "Lava Trouble Bubble" was based on the song Rise, and "Machinaeguns" and "Dududub Dududum" were based on the song Empire.[3]

"Flight of the Toyota" has been remade into a new song for the album Overworld. The song is called Sid Icarus, a reference to the band's frequent use of the MOS Technology SID (Sound Interface Device) synth, and to the title of the NES game Kid Icarus.[4]

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