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Jetty Rae
Jetty Rae at Lilith Fair 2010
Jetty Rae in 2013
Background information
Birth nameBrittni Whittaker
Born (1987-01-13) January 13, 1987 (age 32)
Springfield, Oregon
OriginHappy Camp, California, United States
InstrumentsVocals, guitar, ukulele
Years active2006—present
LabelsJetty Rae LLC
Associated actsPen Pals, Heath McNease

Jetty Rae (born January 13, 1987) is an unsigned indie folk American singer/songwriter, also part of the group Pen Pals, whose career began in Kona, Hawaii but now lives full-time in a renovated Airstream. Notable appearances include Lilith Fair 2010, CMJ Music Festival,[1] Ann Arbor Summer Festival,[2] The Red Jacket Jamboree,[3] and a number of CFA festivals including Agapefest,[4] Big Ticket,[5] and Fandana Festival.[6] Jetty Rae's music has been used by companies such as Microsoft, Petco,, and Ben and Jerry's to promote their brands. She is known for "taking lyrics and adding a depth that few artists can.".[7] Jetty Rae's album Drowning in Grain peaked at #130 on the CMJ Top 200 Radio charts.[8]

Personal life[edit]

Jetty Rae was born in Springfield, Oregon on January 13, 1987.[9] She was raised by her parents, Tyvin and Kathleen, in an art-friendly family[10] near the mountain town of Happy Camp, California before moving for a short time to Colorado Springs, Colorado.[9] Her parents were missionaries which required them to move often before finally settling down in Charlevoix, Michigan where Jetty Rae attended Charlevoix High School.[9] Jetty's mother started a theater group, called the Ragamuffins, in which Jetty held many roles.[9] Rae was initially introduced to songwriting through her affinity for poetry.[11]

Following her graduation from high school she tried out for Juilliard but was not accepted.[9] Jetty Rae eventually decided to attend the Youth With a Mission (YWAM) discipleship training school in Kona, Hawaii where she partook in 3 mission trips over two years to China, Fiji, and Australia.[9] After graduating in 2008, Jetty Rae returned to Michigan where she met her husband, Jason Stewart (to whom she now refers as her "husband-ger").[12] The two were married at the Iberostar Paraiso del Mar on the Riviera Maya outside Cancun, Mexico on December 21, 2008.[9] If not for music, Jetty has stated her interest for both cooking and makeup, citing them as art forms themselves.[13]

Jetty Rae has a pug named Otis [9] a son named Beck[14] and two daughters, one named Rowin[15] and another named Jude.[16] She also had a daughter, Ella, who was stillborn; she keeps a blog entitled "The Singing Hitchhiker" about her.[17]

In May 2016 Jetty Rae and her family moved into an Airstream, which they renovated after purchasing it on Craigslist for $3,000.00,[18] and began living a minimal lifestyle.[19]

Jetty Rae namesake[edit]

Jetty Rae adopted the name of her paternal grandmother Jetty Rae Thom, who was a full-blooded Karuk Native American.[20] Jetty Rae Thom was known for her nomadic lifestyle, her propensity to want to be outdoors, and for battling mental illnesses, including schizophrenia. Jetty Rae (musician) took her grandmother's namesake out of admiration and respect.[9]

Musical career[edit]

Jetty Rae (far left) at Lilith Fair 2010 with Sarah McLachlan and other artists

Jetty Rae, who considers herself a blue collar musician,[21] attributes the start of her musical career to the death of her grandfather, which prompted her to write her first original song "Sunshine".[22] She says she first began writing and playing music to process her feelings but now uses her music to "serve her listeners and audience".[23] Her first show was at Durty Jake's bar in Kona, Hawaii.[9] While there she joined the rap and hip-hop group Soul Chronicle, and toured the Hawaiian Islands, as well as mainland China. Her connection with Soul Chronicle lead to her recording with another hip-hop group, The S.O.G. Crew.[24]

In 2009, Jetty Rae was chosen to play at the grand opening of JetBlue's JFK Airport terminal as the grand prize winner of a competition from OurStage.[25]

Sarah McLachlan and Terry McBride chose Jetty Rae as their featured local talent for Lilith Fair 2010 in Clarkston, Michigan at the DTE Energy Music Theater.[26] Jetty Rae won this opportunity through OurStage.[27] Rae has been described as "a musician that has matured within every release, while still being true to herself."[28]

Since becoming affiliated with NACA in 2011 Jetty Rae has been chosen as a showcasing artist four times: Northern Plains 2011,[29] Mid-West 2012,[30] Mid-America 2012,[31] and Northern Plains 2013.[32]

In 2015, Rae and fellow musician Heath McNease formed the group Pen Pals, subsequently touring and releasing albums under the moniker.

Jetty Rae is signed to SESAC (IPI #00607322083)[33] and publishes her music under Jetty Rae LLC (IPI #00677859763).[34]


In an news article, Jetty Rae's musical influences are cited as including Lauryn Hill, Brandi Carlile, and Eva Cassidy.[24] One reviewer compared her voice to Norah Jones and Amy Winehouse[35] while others refer to her as a female Jack Johnson.[36] Still others have noted her Jennifer Knapp influences and similarities.[37] In addition to those noted above, Rae cites her influences as Mariah Carey, Damien Rice and Whitney Houston.[11] Categorically, her music has been described as "typically good-natured acoustic pop".[38]

Situationally, Rae cites her living in her renovated Airstream caravan as a major influence[18][39] as well as "everyday hopes and heartbreak".[40]


Jetty Rae has released a number of albums and singles in her career:

Blackberries (2008)[edit]

Jetty Rae's first album. It was recorded at Runyan Studios in Bellaire, Michigan and was released on April 16, 2008.

In retrospect, Rae has noted her musical inexperience prior to working on this album with comments like "I didn’t know what EQ was when I first started... in fact, the whole recording process was a bit of a mystery."[41]

All tracks written by Brittni Stewart.

Nobody (2009)[edit]

Jetty Rae's second album is an EP and was recorded and produced in Nashville, Tennessee; it was released on August 20, 2010.

All tracks written by Brittni Stewart.

La La Lu and the Lazy Moon (2011)[edit]

Jetty's first co-produced album [42] was released on July 1, 2011. The album is considered a lullaby album, and Rae cites it as one of her most commercially successful despite its low budget.[43]

All lyrics written by Brittni Stewart except "Puff the Magic Dragon" which was written by Peter, Paul and Mary; all music composed by Joseph Barker and Brittni Stewart.

Drowning in Grain (2012)[edit]

Jetty Rae's fourth album was recorded at Solid Sound Recording Company in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The album was released on August 1, 2012 and has been described as "nuanced and often downright idiosyncratic."[35] It peaked at #130 on the CMJ Top 200 Radio charts.[8] The track "Nice Ones" was featured by American Songwriter.[44]

All tracks written by Brittni Stewart.

Climbing Clouds (2013)[edit]

The title track from Jetty Rae's August 2013 album "Climbing Clouds" and an associated music video [45] was released on August 6 bearing the same name.[46] "Fallin", another single from the album, was released on August 27 [47] also with a music video.[48] The last single from the album, "Kerosene", was released on October 11 [49] in memory of her daughter; a music video for the single was also released.[50] The music videos for this album were produced after a successful crowdfunding campaign of $11,850.[51] Rae cites the source material for this album as briographical and the inspiration coming from grief she experienced after the loss of her 1st child Ella Rae.[52]

All tracks written by Brittni Stewart.

More Than December (2014)[edit]

This is a Christmas-themed album released on November 26, 2014.[53] Tracks include two original songs ("More Than December" and "Christmas Kiss") as well as four covers of classic Christmas songs ("O, Holy Night", "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas", "Little Drummer Boy" and "Auld Lang Syne"). The album was produced on an extremely tight timeline[54] and was produced by Eric Sproull with featured vocal performances by Chris DuPont and Katie Lee. The title track has been described as "energetic".[55]

All music composed by Brittni Stewart.

Forever & Always (2015)[edit]

A single, released on March 16, 2015.[56] Rae cites this track as being notable in that it's the result of a single, uninterrupted vocal recording.[57] The song itself has a running time of 3:18, was produced by Eric Sproull, and was recorded at Bottle Rocket Studios in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Can't Curse the Free (2017)[edit]

Released on February 17, 2017 with a running time of about 39 minutes. The album was produced by Grammy award-winning producer Mitch Dane, with musical accompaniment including many of the members from the band Jars of Clay.[11] It was recorded at Sputnik Sound where demoing, pre-production and tracking were completed in 3 weeks.[40] The album was mastered by Chris Athens, Published by Jetty Rae LLC and distributed by Tone Tree Music. 3 singles from this album were released prior to the full album release: Queen of the Universe; Can't Curse the Free; Take me to the Mountain.

Musically, the album has been described as "more rock and western than some of [her] previous releases" and "americana, blues, country, folk, pop, southern rock, and soul".[58] Rae herself describes the album "victorious" in theme and biographical in content (a contrast to her previously autobiographical projects).[59] Reviewers point to her nomadic lifestyle as influential in the album subject matter.[60] Rae herself differentiates this album from her previous by saying "[...] following my own grief and processing that with Climbing Clouds, this album is on where I tell other peoples' stories."[52] She also cites the inspriation for the title track "Can't Curse the Free" as a prompt from her brother asking her to create a song for a girl who's cursed.[61]

The album received positive attention across online media distribution platforms, including iTunes.[62]

All lyrics written by Brittni Stewart with co-writers Chris DuPont and Ryan Horne on "The River" and "Another Town" respectively; all music composed by Brittni Stewart and Mitch Dane.

Queen of the Universe (2016)[edit]

The first single from the 2017 album "Can't Curse the Free", released on December 9, 2016. The track has a running time of 3:35. Rae herself cites the inspiration for this song stemming from a friend's "family drama" from which she created a larger-than-life character to be the subject of this song,[11] originally penned as a joke.[63]

The song has been described as being "moving and meaningful",[64] having "sweetly-delivered tongue-in-cheek rock-centric sassitude",[65] "elements of singer-songwriter sensibilities, indie rock endeavours and pop flavour"[28] but also grittier with descriptions like "grinds through the speakers in husky rattles"[66] and "oozing feminine power and dominance".[67] The work is a departure from Rae's prior works with reviewers remarking that the song has a Janis Joplin vibe[68] and "impressive vocal abilities with soulful rock melodies"[69] while others have compared it to Cat Power[70] pointing to the "sultry and pop-aesthetic" vocals[71] and a "powerful and melodic voice that's just right for some bluesy folk rock".[72] The release received some positive notoriety including being featured on TuneCore's featured artist blog.[73]

Can't Curse the Free (2017)[edit]

The 2nd single and title track from the 2017 album "Can't Curse the Free", released on January 13, 2017 to coincide with Jetty Rae's 30th birthday.[74] The track has a running time of 3:28 and Rae cites the inspiration for the song as coming from her younger brother who asked her to write a song about someone who is cursed.[75] Rae describes the content of the song as "about a mighty foe. The king of lies, who wants you to stay in darkness, confusion, and shame".[43] It was recorded in just 3 takes.[76]

The track has been described as "a haunting tune, equal parts soul and indie rock"[77] and "spooky, and hauntingly vulnerable"[40] while others have noted Rae's "smooth and vibrant voice."[41]

The work received positive reception, being featured by Tunecore and by iTunes.[78]

Take me to the Mountain (2017)[edit]

The 3rd single from the 2017 album "Can't Curse the Free", released on February 3, 2017. The track has a running time of 04:37.

The track has been described as "grounded and homely"[79] and "haunting goosebump inducing soul fused with indie rock and laced with speckles of pop".[80]

Stardust (2018)[edit]

Initially released on PledgeMusic on November 21, 2018 the album has a running time of about 31 minutes. It is Jetty's second self-produced children's album, however unlike the first this one was recorded in her vintage Airstream travel trailer while visiting a national park.[81]

All music composed by Brittni Stewart.

Awards & Recognition[edit]

  • Winner, CMJ Music Showcase[82]
  • Winner, Musician Category, "Best Of Northern Michigan" Contest[83]
  • Winner, "Mi Favorite Things" TV Contest[84]
  • Winner, MoFilm Battle of the Bands[85]
  • Winner, Lilith Fair Talent Search[86]
  • Grand Prize, Live at T5 Music Competition[87]
  • Winner, MTV "Needle in a Haystack" Music Series[88]
  • 1st place, Folk Competition (January 2010, September 2009, May 2009)[89]
  • Grand Prize, Music Competition[89]
  • Michigan Women Who Rock[90]

Film, Commercial & Video Game Placements[edit]


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