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A jewelry designer or jewellery designer (see American and British English spelling differences) whose occupation is jewelry design. It is a person who renders original jewelry creations and usually constructs them as well. By profession this person would be trained in design and metalsmithing.

Historically jewelry designers originated as goldsmiths in the cultural aspects of Etruscan Civilization[citation needed] and became more dominant through ancient Greek and Roman cultures. In Ancient Macedonia[1] from Thessaloniki, the art of milling and rolling 24K Gold rose to the highest form and ignited the origins of what later 18th century jewelers such as the family of Fortunato Pio Castellani[2] used in Italian archaeological jewelry.

Contemporary jewellery designers are often professionals with knowledge of gemology, metalsmithing and rendering in order to cater to buyers. Designs can be initiated in a special jewellers model wax or even in metal (silver) in order to create a mold where an unlimited number of the pieces can be cast in gold, silver or platinum.

There are also modern jewellery-making methods. These are gaining popularity and some of the styles are beading, resin jewellery, lampwork and photo jewellery.


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