Jewish–Arab Brotherhood

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Jewish-Arab Brotherhood
אחווה יהודית-ערבית
الأخوة اليهودية العربية
Leader Elias Nakhleh
Founded 22 October 1968
Dissolved 1969
Split from Progress and Development
Merged into Cooperation and Brotherhood
Ideology Israeli Arab interest
Most MKs 1 (1968–1969)
Fewest MKs 1 (1968–1969)

Jewish–Arab Brotherhood (Hebrew: אחווה יהודית-ערבית‎, Ahva Yehudit-Aravit; Arabic: الأخوة اليهودية العربية‎) was a short-lived, one-man political party in Israel.


The party was formed on 22 October 1968 during the sixth Knesset, when Elias Nakhleh broke away from Progress and Development.[1]

For the 1969 elections Nakhleh merged the party into Cooperation and Brotherhood, effectively swapping parties with Jabr Muadi, who had begun the session as a member of Cooperation and Brotherhood, then left to set up the Israeli Druze Faction before joining Progress and Development.


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