Jewish Communist Party of Austria

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Jewish Communist Party of Austria
Jüdische sozialdemokratische Partei
Ideology Communism
Political position Far left

The Jewish Social Democratic Party "Poale Zion" (German: Jüdische sozialdemokratische Partei "Poale Zion"), later renamed Jewish Socialist Workers Party Poale Zion in German Austria (Jüdische sozialistische Arbeiterpartei Poale Zion in Deutschösterreich) and Jewish Communist Party of Austria (Jüdische Kommunistische Partei Oesterreichs), was a political party in Austria. The party published Freie Tribune 1919-1921. The party was part of the international Jewish Communist Union (Poalei Zion), the left wing of the Labour Zionist Poale Zion movement.[1]


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