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Yiddish Journalism ייִדיש לעבט

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The Jewish Morning Journal
Type Daily except Saturday newspaper
Format broadsheet
Owner(s) Jewish Press Publishing Company
Publisher Jacob Saphirstein
Israel Friedkin
Editor Peter Wiernik
Jacob Fishman
M.J. Nurenberger
Bernard Bergman
Staff writers Bernard Gorin
A. Mukdoni
Jacob Glatstein, city editor
Jacob Magidov
Gedaliah Bublick
Frank Taffel, Atlanta correspondent
Founded 1901
Political alignment Republican
Ceased publication 1971
Headquarters New York
Circulation 111,000 (in 1916)

The Jewish Morning Journal (דער מארגען זשורנאל Yiddish Der Morgen Zshurnal) was a Yiddish-language publication in New York from 1901-1971.

Early years[edit]

A politically conservative, Orthodox Jewish publisher, Jacob Saphirstein, founded the Jewish Morning Journal in 1901. It was published in Yiddish, the language of the majority of eastern European Jewish immigrants who settled on the Lower East Side of New York.[1] The paper took on a more liberal slant in 1916, when Jacob Fishman became editor, replacing Peter (Peretz) Wiernik. After resigning as editor in 1938, Fishman continued his daily column, "From Day to Day."[2]

Zionist in outlook, the Jewish Morning Journal advocated an Orthodox lifestyle, and was not published on Saturday, the Jewish Sabbath. It was a staunch advocate of the Americanization of the Eastern European immigrants who formed the bulk of its readership. Along with other Yiddish publications, its circulation declined steadily after World War I, as immigrants became more assimilated and used English.[3]

Later years[edit]

In 1928 the Jewish Morning Journal merged with the Yidishes Tagblat (Yiddish יידישעס טאגעבלאט). Morris Cohen, a Canadian philanthropist, bought the Jewish Morning Journal in 1949.[4] In 1953 the combined entity merged with the liberal Yiddish daily Jewish Day (Der Tog). In 1970 the circulation of The Day-Morning Journal was 50,000. The paper ceased publication in 1971.

Noted journalists[edit]

Frank Taffel, Atlanta correspondent


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