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View of the museum in 2009

The Jewish Museum of Belgium (French: Musée juif de Belgique, Dutch: Joods Museum van België) is a museum in Brussels, Belgium, focusing on the history of the Jews in Belgium.

Museum and collections[edit]

The museum has a collection of items which relate to Jewish customs from Europe, Asia and Africa, dating back as far as the 18th Century and mostly from the region to the east of river Rhine and countries around the Mediterranean.

The Jewish Museum of Belgium has 750 objects of judaica, 1,250 works of art and an archive of 20,000 photographs, 5,000 posters, compact discs, LPs and compact cassettes.

The Jewish Museum also has six thematic libraries containing a total of 25,000 works and editions, including works in Yiddish and Hebrew, works of Jewish artists, and genealogies.[1]


On 24 May 2014, four people – two visiting Israelis and two people who worked at the museum – were killed in a shooting at the Museum.[2][3]

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