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The Jewish Policy Center, founded in 1985 and now located at 50 F Street, NW, Suite 100, Washington, D.C. is a think tank tied closely to the Republican Jewish Coalition.[1]

According to Matthew Brooks, director of both the Jewish Policy Center and the Republican Jewish Coalition, the Policy Center is nonpartisan and focuses solely on issues, both foreign and domestic. "In the past, we've focused on a number of domestic-policy issues, social-security reform, education. But right now, there is so much focus and attention on these critical foreign-policy issues." [2]

Center fellows include Norman Podhoretz, Michael Medved and Ruth Wisse.[3]

The Center has sponsored many forums around the country billed as "Liberal Roots, Conservative Solutions".[4] It has lobbied for school vouchers,[5] supported the Israeli pullout from Gaza,[6] and worked to draw attention to antisemitism on American college campuses.[7]


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