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Jewish Telegraph
Type Weekly newspaper
Format Tabloid
Owner(s) Jewish Telegraph Ltd
Editor Paul Harris
Founded 1950
Language English
Headquarters Manchester,Leeds,Glasgow,Liverpool.

The Jewish Telegraph is a British Jewish newspaper. It was founded in December 1950 by Frank and Vivienne Harris, the parents of the current Editor, Paul Harris.


Frank and Vivienne Harris founded the newspaper in the dining room of their home in the City of Salford in December 1950.[1]

Frank Harris was a London freelance journalist who, on his arrival in Manchester, noticed the fact that the city’s only Jewish newspaper was a freesheet. He determined, against all advice, to establish a Jewish weekly.


Vivienne Harris oversaw the newspaper's expansion from 1950 to 2011.[1] Under her guidance, the Jewish Telegraph established editions in four major British cities - Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool and Glasgow.[1]

In 1976, the Jewish Telegraph decided to widen its field of coverage and established a separate Leeds edition with its own editorial and advertising staff and office in that city. A staff of nine is maintained there.

In 1981, the Jewish Telegraph expanded further, acquiring the title of the monthly Liverpool Jewish Gazette, immediately giving Merseyside, for the first time, its own Jewish weekly. The Jewish Telegraph has its own editorial staff in Liverpool, based in offices at Harold House, the Liverpool Jewish Community Centre. These offices will move into the new King David Campus in September 2011.

In June 1992, on the demise of the Glasgow Jewish Echo, the Jewish Telegraph moved into Scotland within a week and began to produce a weekly edition. A staff of four works from office accommodations at the Glasgow Maccabi complex.

The latest addition to the Jewish Telegraph was in December 1999 with the introduction of a website, which is entirely updated in the early hours of every Friday morning. The paper is currently headquartered in Park Hill, Bury Old Road in Prestwich.[2]


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