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The Jewish World Watch (founder: Harold M. Shulweis, co-founder: Janice Kamenir-Reznik) is an NGO based out of Southern California, a coalition of more than 60 synagogues including Valley Beth Shalom[1] and Jewish groups with the objective of educating, advocating, and donating in order to combat genocide and other human rights violations all over the world. It has previously primarily focused on the genocide in Darfur but is now expanding its operations to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

JWW sponsors two major relief programs to benefit refugees. One provides two free CooKit solar cookers, along with training and supplies, to families. By providing an alternative fuel, women do not have to leave safe areas, such as camps or villages, to procure firewood for cooking. In addition to reducing rape and murder of these women,[2] solar cooking also reduces deforestation and air pollution. The other program provides backpacks filled with shoes, books, school supplies, and soap to children.[2] This program encourages education in unfavorable circumstances.

In March 2010, JWW became a member of the Eastern Congo Initiative founded by Ben Affleck.[3]


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