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List of Jewish newspapers

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A Jewish newspaper is a newspaper which focuses on topics of special interest to Jews, although Jewish newspapers also include articles on topics of a more general interest as well. Political orientations and religious orientations cover a wide range.

This list includes dailies, weeklies, and papers of other frequencies. It includes newspapers in Hebrew, Yiddish, and a variety of other languages. It includes defunct as well as active publications.

Name Language(s) Translated name Current country Region Years active Circulation Frequency More info
Der Beobachter an der Weichsel Polish, German The Vistula Observer Poland Warsaw 1823-1824 150 Weekly The first ever Jewish newspaper
The Jewish Word Polish, Yiddish 1992–Present Periodical Primary Polish Jewish publication
Folks-Sztyme Polish, Yiddish 1946-1991 Daily
Australian Jewish News English Australia Weekly See Australian Jewish Media
Calgary Jewish News English Canada 1962–88
Canadian Jewish News
The Jewish Post & News Winnipeg
The Jewish Star (Alberta) Alberta 1980–90
The Jewish Tribune (Canada) 1964–2015
The Jewish Independent Vancouver
Israel's Messenger English China Shanghai 1904-41
Shanghai Jewish Chronicle German 1939-48 Renamed to Shanghai Echo

in 1945

Jüdische Zeitung German Germany 2005-2014
Еврейская газета Russian Jewish newspaper 2002- Еврейская газета,

Published by Jüdische Zeitung

Jewish Voice From Germany English German
Jüdische Allgemeine German Jewish general 1946–Present Jüdische Allgemeine
Jüdische Rundschau German 1902-38 See: Jüdische Welt-Rundschau [de]
Yidishe heftn Yiddish Yiddish notebook France Paris 1996-? http://yiddish-sources.com/yidishe-heftn-les-cahiers-yiddish
Revista Cultului Mozaic din R.P.R. Romanian, Yiddish, Hebrew, English Romania Bucharest 1956-1995
Realitatea Evreiască Romanian, Yiddish, Hebrew, English Bucharest 1995–Present Renamed from Revista Cultului Mozaic din R.P.R.
Új Kelet Hungarian New East Transylvania 1918-1940 Moved to Tel Aviv, Israel
Szombat Hungarian Saturday Hungary 1989–Present https://www.szombat.org/about
Új Élet Hungarian New Life 1945–Present Neolog paper, maintained by Mazsihisz since 1990.
Remeny Hungarian Hope 2002-15 http://www.remeny.org/
Kibic Magazin Hungarian Kibitzer 2013–Present http://akibic.hu/
Múlt és Jövő Hungarian Past and Future 1911-1944; 1988–Present http://www.multesjovo.hu/en/?___from_store=hu
Sófár Újság Hungarian Shofar newspaper 1998?-Present unrelated to Shofar (journal)
Új Kelet Hungarian New East 1948–Present
Gut Sábesz Hungarian Good Shabbat 2002/3-Present Costs 300 Ft, and Chabad Paper
Egység Hungarian Unity Monthly
Birobidzhaner Shtern Yiddish, Russian Russia Birobidzhan, Jewish Autonomous Oblast 1930-44
Ha-Melitz Hebrew Saint Petersburg 1860-1904
Şalom Turkish, Ladino Peace/Hello Turkey 1947–Present
El Amaneser Ladino The Dawn Turkey Istanbul 2003–Present 6000 Monthly Currently the only full Ladino newspaper in the world
Aki Yerushalayim Ladino Jerusalem Here! Israel Jerusalem, Israel 1979-2016
Dos Yiddishe Licht/ Beleichtungen Yiddish/English The Jewish Light Jerusalem, Israel 1950–Present Weekly Started in 1923 in New York
Kol Mevasser Yiddish Russia (in 2019, Ukraine) Odessa 1862-72 Supplemented Ha-Melitz
The Jewish Chronicle English United Kingdom 1841–Present Longest running Jewish paper
Jewish Telegraph English 1950–Present
Jewish Tribune (UK) English, Yiddish 1962–Present Only current paper in UK with Yiddish
Jewish News English 1997–Present
The Jewish Sefardies London
The Jewish Voice English United States New York 2003–Present Original name The Sephardic Voice
The Jewish World English Capital District, New York 1965–Present Also published as Schenectady Jewish World and Albany Jewish World
Der Blatt Yiddish New York 2000–Present Weekly
Kindline (magazine) Yiddish New York 2014–Present
Five Towns Jewish Times English 5 Towns, New York 2000–Present 20,000 Weekly
Hatsofe B'Erez Hachadosho Hebrew 1871-76 First Hebrew periodical in US
The Hebrew Standard English NYC late 1800s-early 20th century
Jewish Post of New York English New York 1974–Present 21,000 [1]
New Jersey Jewish News English New Jersey 1946–2020 24,000[2] Weekly
The Jewish Week English New York 1875–Present 55,000[3] Weekly UJA funded
Yated Ne'eman English Monsey, New York 1987–Present 20,000[4] Weekly
Der Yid Yiddish 1953–Present 25,000[5] Weekly
Westchester Jewish Life English Westchester, New York
The Long Island Jewish World English Long Island, New York 1976 16,000[6] Weekly
The Manhattan Jewish Sentinel English
The Rockland & Westchester Jewish Tribune English
The Israelite (1854–1874); The American Israelite (1874–present) English Cincinnati 1854–Present 6,500[7] Weekly Second longest running paper
The Atlanta Jewish Times English Atlanta, Georgia 1925–Present 6,500[8] Weekly
JTNews English Seattle, Washington 1924-2015 Biweekly

Mishpacha (News magazine)

English, Hebrew 1984–Present 50,000[9] Weekly
Washington Jewish Week English Washington D.C. 1930–Present 10,000[10]
Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle English Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1921–Present 3,000[11] Weekly
Texas Jewish Post English Texas 1947–Present 4,000[12]
The St. Louis Jewish Light English St. Louis, Missouri 1947–Present 10,000[13] Weekly
Philadelphia Jewish Voice English Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 2005–2019 Weekly
Baltimore Jewish Times English Baltimore, Maryland 1919–Present

Chicago Jewish Star

English Chicago, Illinois 1991-2018 17,500[14] Twice-monthly
Chicago Jewish News English 1994-2019 10,000[15]

Cleveland Jewish News

English Cleveland, Ohio 1964–Present 12,000[16] Weekly

The Detroit Jewish News

English Detroit, Michigan 1942–Present 17,000[17] Weekly
Jewish Telegraphic Agency English 1917–Present
The Jewish Press English Brooklyn, New York 1960–Present 50,000[18] Weekly
The Jewish Observer (Los Angeles) English Los Angeles, California 1999–Present
Jewish Herald-Voice English Houston, Texas 1908–Present 7,000 Weekly Longest running paper in South US
Jewish News of Greater Phoenix English Phoenix, Arizona 1948–Present 6,000 Weekly
Jewish Ledger English Connecticut 1929–Present 15,000[19] Weekly
The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles English Los Angeles, California 1985–Present 50,000[20] Weekly
The Jewish Journal (Boston North) English Boston, Massachusetts 1976–Present 17,000 [21] Bi-weekly
Federation Star English Naples, Florida Greater Naples, Florida 3,000 Monthly
Florida Jewish News English South Florida 2005-2007
Florida Jewish Journal English Fort Lauderdale, Florida 125,000[22] Weekly
The Jewish News of Sarasota-Manatee English Sarasota, Florida 13,000 Monthly
L'Chayim, Florida English Fort Myers, Florida 1989[23]-Present Monthly http://ufdc.ufl.edu/AA00032761/00073/citation
Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle English Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1962–Present 8,500 [24] Weekly
The Jewish Exponent English Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1887–Present 24,000[25] Weekly
The Jewish Advocate (Boston) English Boston, Massachusetts 1902–Present 40,000[26] Weekly
Intermountain Jewish News English Denver-Boulder, Colorado 1913–Present 30,000[27] Weekly
J. The Jewish News of Northern California English San Francisco, California 1895–Present 17,000[28] Weekly print edition, daily online edition
Algemeiner Journal Yiddish, English Brooklyn, New York 1972–Present 23,000[29] Weekly
The American Jewish World English Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota 1912–Present 4,000[30] Monthly http://ajwnews.com/about/
Buffalo Jewish Review English Buffalo, New York 3,500[31] Weekly
The Forward/Forverts English, Yiddish Lower East Side, New York City. Moved to Brooklyn in late 20th century. 1897–Present English: 28,000[32] English: weekly.

Yiddish: biweekly

Charlotte Jewish News English Charlotte, North Carolina 4,000 Monthly
Hamodia English, Hebrew, French Brooklyn, New York 1950–Present Weekdays
Jewish Review English Portland, Oregon 1959–2012 Twice-monthly
Jewish Standard English Teaneck, New Jersey 1931–Present 24,000[33] Weekly oldest Jewish weekly in New Jersey
The Jewish Star (New York) English, Hebrew column Garden City, New York 2002–Present Weekly
The New Standard (newspaper) English Columbus, Ohio Semi-monthly
Westchester Jewish Life English Westchester County, New York 1995?[34]-Present 24,000[35] Monthly
Belaaz News English Online News Outlet Queens,

New York

2012–Present [36] 15,000 Weekly
The Asmonean English
Occident and American Jewish Advocate English
Jewish South English
Di Tzeitung Yiddish The Newspaper Brooklyn, New York 1988–Present Weekly
Dos Yiddishe Licht Yiddish/English The Jewish Light New York 1923-1927 Weekly Revived in 1950 in Jerusalem
Maalos Yiddish Virtue/steps New York 1996–Present Monthly
Der Bay Yiddish/English San Mateo, California 1991-2016 Monthly
Flatbush Jewish Journal English New York 2010–Present Weekly
Jewish Rhode Island English Rhode Island 1929-present Weekly
The Iowa Jewish News English Des Moines, Iowa 1932-1952 1,817 Weekly
Magen David Armenian, Hebrew, Russian Yerevan, Armenia 2002–Present Monthly


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