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The Jews of San Nicandro (also called San Nicandro Jews) are a small community of Jews from San Nicandro Garganico, Italy. The San Nicandro Jews are descended from local Gentile families from the 15th century. Beginning in the late 1920s, the community developed as a result of the conversion of Donato Manduzio, a crippled World War I veteran who was inspired by his own reading of the Bible. He soon converted a number of his neighbors. By 1949, most of the San Nicandro Jews emigrated to Israel.[1] Today the remaining Jews worship in the historic Scolanova Synagogue, in the neighboring town of Trani, Apulia.

The Jewish community of San Nicandro is featured in the documentary The Mystery of San Nicandro, which began filming in Italy in 2011. The film is produced by Toronto-based Matter of Fact Media.


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