Jezerane Viaduct

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Jezerane Viaduct
Autocesta Zagreb-Split kod Jezerana (Croatia).JPG
Jezerane Viaduct, as seen from the south
Coordinates 45°03′14″N 15°11′49″E / 45.053818°N 15.197053°E / 45.053818; 15.197053Coordinates: 45°03′14″N 15°11′49″E / 45.053818°N 15.197053°E / 45.053818; 15.197053
Carries Road vehicles
Locale Central Croatia
Official name Viadukt Jezerane
Maintained by Hrvatske autoceste
Design Box girder bridge
Total length 661 m
Longest span 40 m
Opened 2004
Toll charged as a part of A1 motorway toll

The Jezerane Vidauct is located between the Ogulin and Brinje interchanges of the A1 motorway in Croatia, just to the south of the Mala Kapela Tunnel. It is 661 metres (2,169 ft) long.[1]

At this location the motorway route follows a horizontal curve of 900 metres (3,000 ft) radius. The viaduct is a beam structure across a series of spans averaging 36.1 metres (118 ft). The main span is 40 metres (130 ft) long. Due to its sheer size, the viaduct was designed in four segments comprising box girders and grillage systems and expansion joints atop three piers and both abutments. The piers comprise a box cross section, with 30 cm thick walls.[2]

Traffic volume[edit]

Traffic is regularly counted and reported by Hrvatske autoceste, operator of the viaduct and the A1 motorway where the structure is located, and published by Hrvatske ceste.[3] Substantial variations between annual (AADT) and summer (ASDT) traffic volumes are attributed to the fact that the bridge carries substantial tourist traffic to the Adriatic resorts. The traffic count is performed using analysis of motorway toll ticket sales.

Jezerane Viaduct traffic volume
Road Counting site AADT ASDT Notes
Autocesta A1.svg A1 3025 Ogulin south 12,640 31,166 Between Ogulin and Brinje interchanges.

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