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Jha is a surname of Nepal and India, originating from the Mithila. People having Jha as their surnames belong to the 'Maithil Brahmin' caste. Maithil Brāhamaṇ is a group of highest-ranking castes among Brahmin, who still strive to follow rites and rituals according to ancient Hindu canons. Maithil Brahmin is a community of highly cohesive, and traditional Brahmins. They have a reputation for orthodoxy and interest in learning. Most of them live in and around Mithila.A large number of Mathil Brahmins migrated a few centuries back to adjoining areas of South-east Bihar & Jharkhand as well as to adjoining Terai regions of Nepal. Mithila was the name of capital of the ancient kingdom of legendary King Janak.

Notable people with this surname[edit]

ujjwal jha,Madhubani ,Maithili and Technical Consultant of Clavax