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Jhangvi (جھنگوی), Jhangochi (جھنگوچی) or Rachnavi(رچناوی) is a dialect of the Punjabi language.


Jhangvi is considered dialect of Punjabi because it is mutually intelligible with, and morphologically and syntactically similar to, the standard Punjabi of Pakistani Punjab.[1][2][3][4] Its name is derived from Jhang.[5]


  • Changvi
  • Niswani


It is spoken throughout a widespread area, starting from Khanewal to Jhang District at either end of Ravi and Chenab. [6]

Differences in Punjabi Dialects Standard (Majhi), and Western (Jhangvi)[edit]

English Majhi or Standard Punjabi.

(Central Punjab of Pakistan and India)


(Centro Western parts of Punjab Province)

What, This Ki, Ae Kay, Ay
How much, This much, That much Kinna, Inna, Unna Kitna, Itnna, Utnna
My, Your, His, Our, Yours, Their, Of Mayra, Tayra, Oda/Osda, Saada, Tuhada, Onaanda, Da Mayra, Tayra, Usda/Ohda, Asaada/Saada, Tusada/Tuhada, Uneenda/Unhanda, Da
Me, To you, Him, To it, Us, To you, Them, To Maynoo, Taynoo, Onoo/Osnoo, Aynoo/esnoo, Saanoo, Tuhaanoo, Onaannoo, Noo Maynoo, Taynoo, Usnoo/ Ohnoon, isnhoo/Ehnoon, asaanoo, Tusaanoo/ Tuhanoon, Unhanoon, Noo
I am, You are, He is, We are, You are, They are (going) Mae aan, Tu ayn, O ay, Assee/Asaan aan, Tussi/Tusaan O, O nay (Jaa nda/day (plu) ) Mae haan, Tu hayn, Oo hay, Assaan ha'en, Tussaan ho, Oo hin (Ve aynada/ay (plu) pya/ay )
I was, You were, He was, We were, You were, They were Mae saan, Tu saen, O si, Assee/Asaan saan, Tussi/Tusaan so, O sn Mae Hamoon, Tu Hawen, Oo Ha'i, Assaan Hassey, Tussaan Hawo, Oo Ha'en
I shall take, You will take, He will take, We shall take, You will take, They will take Mae lae aanga, Tu lae aynga, O lae ayga, Assee/Asaan lae aangay/awangay, Tussi/Tusaan lae aaogay, O lae aangay Mae lai/ghin aysaan/amsan, Tu lai/ghin aysayn/amsayn, Oo lai/ghin aysi/aosi, Assaan lai/ghin aysaan/amsayen, Tussaan lai/ghin ayso/aoso, Oo lai/ghin aysn/aasi
Go, Come, Happen, Take away, See Ja, Aa, Ho, Lae Ja, Vekh Vnj, Aa, Ho, Laivnj/ ghin vanj, Dekh
Boy, Girl, Women, Man Munda, Kuri, Znaani/Budi, Aadmi/Banda Chor, Chhoer, Sawani, Marad
From, A lot, Then Toon, Bot, Fer Toon, Bo, Vat/Morr
One, Two, Nine, Ten Aek, Do, No, Das Hekk, Do, Naa, Daah

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