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Union council
Jhangra is located in Pakistan
Coordinates: 34°1′0″N 73°8′0″E / 34.01667°N 73.13333°E / 34.01667; 73.13333
Country  Pakistan
Province Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa
District Abbottabad
Tehsil Havelian
 • Total 24,062

Jhangra is a small town and one of the 51 union councils of Abbottabad District in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan.[1] It is located in the south west of the district. Jhangra is als[clarification needed] جھنگڑہ میں اب ایک ڈیم بھی بن گیا ہے


The Union Council of Jhangra is administratively subdivided into the following areas:Kalo mera,Chamba, Noshera, Jhangra, Kashka, Pungran, Ratidheri,havelian village etc.[2]

Jhangra is very old village and before partition of Indopak, the Hindues Sikhs and Muslims were living. but after Partition in 1947, all non Muslims left this area.


Coordinates: 34°1′0″N 73°8′0″E / 34.01667°N 73.13333°E / 34.01667; 73.13333

In Jhangra 100 percent peoples are Muslims by faith and no non Muslim residing in this whole area. The most common caste of the residents in this area are Gujjars. Awan & Jadoon are rare in no. This is most beautiful area in tehsil Havelian and in near future this will be the tourist point due to Jahangra Dam. Jhangra Dam is being constructed some 3 km away from Jhangra village and will be helpful for the residence of Kashka, Jhangra and Mohra mohri village to meet their agricultural requirements as well.