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Jhanjhar or Jhajhar or Jhajhad is gotra (clan) of Jat people found in Bhilwara, Hanumangarh districts in Rajasthan, India. Jhanjhars have been associated with jat folk-deity Tejaji.

The curse of Pemal[edit]

It is believed that when Tejaji died in fighting with enemies, Pemal decided to commit sati and cursed the village Paner that

"Paner could not protect my suhag, Paner would be abandoned and Jhanjhar clan would not survive in Paner. Dholi could not beat the drum, Mali did not offer flower to Tejaji and Gurjars did not cooperate with Tejaji, all these clans would not survive in Paner."

All the four clans Jhanjhar, Mali, Dholi and Gurjars are not found in the village even today. It is said that they tried to settle many times but could not prosper here. Jhanjhar gotra jats migrated from here.

Jhanjhars at present[edit]

Jhanjhar gotra Jats presently live in Bhilwara and visit this place occasionally. The Jhanjhar clan people at present are found in Bhilwara district and in Hanumangarh district in village Nagrana.