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Jharkhand High Court
Established 2000
Country  India
Location Ranchi, Jharkhand
Composition method Presidential with confirmation of Chief Justice of India and Governor of respective state.
Authorized by Constitution of India
Decisions are appealed to Supreme Court of India
Judge term length mandatory retirement by age of 62
No. of positions 21
Website http://jharkhandhighcourt.nic.in/
Chief Justice
Currently Aniruddha Bose

The Jharkhand High Court (Hindi: झारखंड उच्च न्यायालय, Urdu: جھارکھنڈ ہائی کورٹ‎) is one of the newest High Courts in India. It was established in 2000 under the Bihar Reorganisation Act, 2000, after the state of Jharkhand was carved out of the state of Bihar. The court has jurisdiction over Jharkhand state.

The seat of the court is at Ranchi, the administrative capital of the state. The court has a sanctioned judge strength of 20. The new building of Jharkhand High Court has been approved. A 165 acres land has been granted near the HEC Industrial Complex, which will used for development of High Court, Residential Complex for Judges and Lawyers Chambers. The estimated cost for the project is around Rs. 460 Crores. The complex will also have an auditorium with a 1000-seat capacity, four conference rooms, eight committee meeting halls, separate building for advocate general and government pleader.[1]


A circuit bench of the Patna High Court was established at Ranchi on 6 March 1972 under clause 36 of the letters patent of the Patna High Court. The Circuit bench became the Permanent Bench of the Patna High Court, by the High Court at Patna (Establishment of Permanent Bench at Ranchi) Act 1976 (Act 57 of 1976) on 8 April 1976. This Permanent Bench finally became the Jharkhand High Court on reorganiszation of Bihar state on 15 November 2000.

The Chief Justice[edit]

Hon'ble Justice Aniruddha Bose is the Chief Justice of the Jharkhand High Court.

Former Chief Justices[edit]

# Chief Justice Term
Acting Paarth Khanna 15 November 2000–5 December 2000
1 Vinod Kumar Gupta 5 December 2000–7 March 2003
2 P. K. Balasubramanyan 10 March 2003–26 August 2004
Acting S. J. Mukhopadhaya 26 August 2004–2005
3 Altamas Kabir 1 March 2005–8 September 2005
4 Nelabhoy Dhinakar 4 December 2005–10 June 2006
Acting S. J. Mukhopadhaya 10 June 2006–2006
Acting M.Y. Eqbal 2006–17 September 2006
5 M. Karpaga Vinayagam 17 September 2006–2008
6 Gyan Sudha Misra 13 July 2008–29 April 2010
Acting Sushil Harkauli 30 April 2010–21 August 2010
7 Bhagwati Prasad 22 August 2010–12 May 2011
Acting Prakash Chandra Tatiya 13 May 2011–11 Sep 2011
8 Prakash Chandra Tatia 11 May 2011 – 12 November 2013
9 R. Banumathi 16 November 2013 - 13 August 2014[2]
10 Virender Singh 1 November 2014 – 7 October 2016
11 Pradip Kumar Mohanty 7 October 2016 – 9 june 2017

|12 |D.N.Patel {Acting} _9 june 2017 _4 August 2018|} |13 |Aniruddha Bose |4 August _ Incumbent|}

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