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Jhingan or Jhingon is a surname in India. In India every surname has a significance attached to it. All surnames represent more than a name or just the last name. A surname holds with it the secret of lineage and represents a section of people to which it belongs. It represents sectional, geographic, religion, ethnic and statehood belonging in India. From ancient times till today, the caste system is prevalent in India. This system is the most powerful and active mechanism in regulating Indian society in terms of its daily living, marital affairs, birth rituals, educational needs, life style and death rituals. JHINGAN or JHINGON as a surname represents the following:

a person having the JHINGAN OR JHINGON surname is most often[edit]

  • An Indian i.e. citizen of India or of Indian origin
  • Is a Punjabi i.e. belonging to or having some connection with the state of PUNJAB in India (or erstwhile Indian areas), with respect to cultural or historical lineage.
  • Is Hindu by religion.
  • Is a Brahmin.
  • Belongs to a subcaste of "SARASWAT BRAHMIN"
  • Gotra : Bhardawaj
  • Worship : Naga Devata (Lord of Snakes) and Lord Shiva.
  • Their Veda: Rig Veda (Holy Book for Knowledge of Religious Rituals & Hymns)
  • Their earliest habituation was on the banks of Sarasvati River.

Saraswat Brahmins[edit]

Saraswat Brahmins are Brahmins who lived on the banks of the former Sarasvati River that once flowed in northern India, joining the Ganges and Yamuna in Prayag. Saraswats are considered to be among the oldest and most widespread community in India, still preserving their own culture. There is a Shaivite as well as a Vaishnavite sect in Saraswats. Around 1000 BC, the Sarasvati River started drying out and the people on its banks started migrating to other parts of India thus forming sub-communities. There are many sub-communities in Saraswats, including:

  1. Goud Saraswat Brahmins(found in Majority in Goa, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala)
  2. Chitrapur Saraswats
  3. Bhalavalikar/Rajapur Saraswat Brahmins
  4. Kashimri Saraswats (Kashmiri Pandits)
  5. Punjabi Saraswats/Punjabi Brahmins
  6. Sind Saraswats
  7. Kutch Saraswats
  8. Rajasthan Saraswats
  9. Saraswat Catholics
  10. Saraswats from Uttranchal

The hierarchy in Saraswat Brahmins[edit]

Following are the divisions of Saraswat Brahmins:

  1. Brahmin of Brahmins
  2. Brahmins of Khatris (Warrior Clan), Khatri
    • Panchjati/ Panjatia (Group of 5 elite Brahmin Clans)
      Jhingan or Jhingon
      Jaitley or Jetli
    • Cheejati (Next group of 6 Clans)
    • Sarin
    • Asht - Bans (Group of 8 Clans)
    • Bhunjahi
  3. Brahmins of Aroras
  4. Brahmins of Jats
  5. Brahmins of Inferior Castes

The connection between the Brahmin and Khatri clans is very close. When Parshurama (sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu, a Brahmin) went on a campaign to exterminate all Kshatriyas, a pregnant Kshatriya (warrior clan) lady took refuge with the Saraswat Brahmin clan. Parshu Ram took on the mission to exterminate all Kshatriyas to free the world from their atrocities, their power-displaying battles which took lives and disturbed the peace. As by the myth, Parshu Ram exterminated all the warriors on 21 occasions. Khatri is a sub clan of the warrior clan in India. It is regarded as having great fighting skills and patriotism.

The Brahmin community gave refuge to that pregnant lady. She gave birth to a boy and he was raised under the influence of Brahmin and was endowed with the Brahmin qualities of upholding religion, preserving its rituals, learning Vedas, maintaining peace and continuing the research work of knowledge and knowledge of succession. Well-raised with Brahmin influence the boy had the blood of a warrior. Thus, with the kind and merciful nature of Brahmins, the Khatri Clan was preserved and got favour from Brahmins. The boy married 18 Kshatriya girls and from them the generations took the name and lineage of Hindu saints. Saraswat Brahmins then opted to become the priests, religious guides and purohits for Khatris. JHINGAN or JHINGON is one such clan of Brahmin.