Jhonny Rivera

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Jhonny Rivera
Jhonny Javier.jpg
Jhonny Rivera
Background information
Birth name Jhon Jairo Rivera Valencia
Born (1974-02-23) February 23, 1974 (age 44)
Pereira, Colombia
Genres popular music
Years active 2004–present
Associated acts J Balvin, Vicente Fernandez, Pipe Bueno, Dario Gomez, Yolanda del Rio
Website www.jhonnyrivera.net

Jhon Jairo Rivera Valencia (born February 23, 1974)[1] is a Colombian singer, actor and businessman known as Jhonny Rivera.


Jhonny Rivera concert.

His artistic talent was noticed since childhood when he was provided compose ballads, cups and poetry. A broken heart led him to compose his first hit The Pain of A Game ', then had national success with' 'I'm Single' 'and' 'Best Sólito' 'with which he won the Premios Nuestra Tierra a Best Tropical Song. Since then every song that launched occupies important places around the country. Could shared the stage with great exponents like Vicente Fernandez, Diomedes Diaz, Ana Gabriel, Marc Anthony, Jorge Celedon and much more, of national stature as international.

He has made more than twelve tours Spain, Ecuador, United States, Venezuela and Aruba. He received the awards for True Orgullo Hispano in United States, number one popular music in Spain, home of the America magazine France, reports the journal Billboard of most important world and two Gold Records speaking, the first for his album I'm Single and the second Vivid .

In the 2009 is measured relaunch a tropical song titled The Shy which became a national and international success. In 2010 unveils its success My Only Treasure with the most important artist of the moment J Balvin. At the beginning of 2012 her new album Te Sigo Wanting contains the song For A Beer 'which is the most in view of the YouTube with about 9'000.000 reproductions . I recently made a bachata with his son Andy Rivera entitled The Pay That Makes' 'after premieres The Pegao 'success year end which became a national hit all being chosen for Feria de Cali and in record time having nearly 4,000,000 copies in its channel YouTube.

2015 is promoting his new song Por Andar Enamorao it has been well received across the country, putting it on his last album "No need to wait" has had a half month million views. He has alternated between first and second place in the ranking Top Latin Songs - People Colombia Latin Monitor where it has remained for 15 weeks thanks to public taste.

On April 12, receives his third gold record for sales in the album No need to wait. Days later El Tiempo Dira Quien Miente lies on his YouTube channel together for the third time with Lady Yuliana, titling it as a reunion after nearly eight years without recording together. May 14 launch Me Voy A Casar next to King Despecho Dario Gomez.

Personal life[edit]

Jhonny and his son Andy Rivera.

Jhon Jairo Rivera Valencia was born in Pereira, Colombia, to parents Maria Mabel Valencia and Jose Oscar Rivera,[2] and his brothers Juliet, Luz Piedad and Oscar Mario.

At 17, he left the village Perez in Arabia - Pereira to Bogota where he lived a very difficult time getting any job but none maintained its economic situation, girlfriend went to live with where they had a son. She left him to go to Spain and later his son was. He says were the most difficult moments of his life to trying to kill himself.[3] He returned to his home in Pereira where he had the opportunity to write and record a song which sent him to success. Not seen him officially a couple but rumors have been involved in emotional situations. His son Andy Rivera returned from Spain and followed in his footsteps as a singer but in the urban genre, now built his own house which has horses, chariots andlujos.[4]


Year Title Role
2013 Head Guest (1 episode) singing 'Let Me Blow Son Al Bailo' with Pipe Bueno
2010 The Snitch Cartel Antonio Villegas[5]
2008 Nobody is eternal in the World Guest


  • Let's start Zero (feat. Lady Yuliana)
  • Por Que Se Fue (feat. Charrito Negro)
  • Se Que Te Falle (feat. Lady Yuliana)
  • My Only Treasure (feat. J Balvin)[6]
  • Jealousy "Live" (feat. Fanny Lu)
  • Love and Spite (feat. Jhon Alex Castaño)
  • Al Bailo Son Que Me Blow (feat. Pipe Bueno)[7]
  • Did They Do not exchange (feat. Yolanda del Rio)
  • Papi (feat. 'Ricardo Torres and his Mariachi)
  • The Pay ago That (feat. Andy Rivera)[8]
  • El Tiempo Dira Quien Miente (feat. Lady Yuliana)
  • Me Voy A Casar (feat. Dario Gomez)
  • Ser Colombiano Es Un Lujo (feat. El Orejón)
  • Así Es La Vida (feat. Mauro Ayala)
  • Como Duele (feat. Los Hermanos Medina)
  • Comamos Sano (feat. Mauricio López)
  • Siga Bebiendo (feat. Yeison Jiménez)
  • Como Una Pelota (feat. Espinoza Paz)


  • Ya No Dudes De Mi (2004)
  • Soy Soltero (2006)
  • Solo Exito (2007)
  • Una Voz Que Llega A Alma (2007)
  • El Intenso (2008)[9]
  • Tengo Rabia Con migo (2010)
  • Te Sigo Queriendo (2012)
  • No Hay Porque Esperar (2014)


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