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Ji Chunhua (Chinese: 计春华; born 1961 in Hangzhou, Zhejiang), sometimes romanized as Gai Chun Wa, is a Chinese actor and action choreographer. Just like Jet Li and Yu Chenghui, he was a Mainland China-trained wushu athlete who started his acting career in the 1982 Hong Kong martial arts blockbuster Shaolin Temple.

Ji has alopecia totalis and often appeared as bald villains in movies (many starring Jet Li) and TV series.



Year Title Role Notes
1982 Shaolin Temple (少林寺) Tu Ying
1984 Kids From Shaolin (少林小子) one-eyed bandit
1986 Martial Arts of Shaolin (南北少林) Lord He's bodyguard
1987 Red Sorghum (紅高粱) Pu Sanbao
1988 Yellow River Fighter (黄河大俠) Lord Liu
1989 Stealing Is No Crime (我愛賊阿爸)
1990 Slaughter in Xian (西安殺戮)
1991 Red Fists (聯手警探) Panjiu
1992 Deadend of Besiegers (武林聖鬥士) Japanese pirate
1993 Fong Sai-yuk II (方世玉續集) Yu Chun-hoi
1993 Kung Fu Vampire (湘西屍王)
1993 Fist From Shaolin (黃飛鴻之男兒當報國) Master Eleven
1993 White Lotus Cult (白蓮邪神) Cult Leader Chan
1994 The New Legend of Shaolin (洪熙官) Poison Juice Monster uncredited
1996 Tai Chi II (太極拳) Da Bu Liang
2002 The Era of Vampires (殭屍大時代) Master Mao Shan
2006 My Kung-Fu Sweetheart (野蠻秘笈)
2007 Legend of Twins Dragon (雙龍記)
2008 Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon (三國之見龍卸甲) Cao Cao's vanguard general
2010 Kung-fu Master (功夫大師)
2011 Empire of Assassins (刺客帝國) Wang's thug
2015 Gun Transit
2015 The Spirit of the Swords

Television series[edit]

Year Title Role Notes
2002 Shaolin King of Martial Arts (少林武王) Tanfei
2003 Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (天龍八部) Duan Yanqing
2004 Lian Cheng Jue (連城訣) Xuedao Laozu
2005 Trail of the Everlasting Hero (俠影仙蹤) Shi Kongchen
2006 Legends of Xue Rengui (薛仁貴傳奇) Yeon Gaesomun
2006 Seven Swordsmen (七劍下天山) Xin Longzi
2006/07 Wing Chun (詠春)
2008 A Legend of Shaolin Temple (少林寺傳奇) Sun Ba
2010 A Legend of Shaolin Temple 2 (少林寺傳奇2) Wang Renze
2011 All Men Are Brothers (水滸傳) Luan Tingyu
2014 Royal Tramp (鹿鼎記) Hai Dafu


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