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The ancestral hall of the Jia family in Jiajiayuan Village, Honggang Town, Tongshan County, Hubei

Jiǎ is the pinyin romanization of a common Chinese surname (simplified Chinese: ; traditional Chinese: ).

Notable people[edit]

Historical figures[edit]

  • Jia Yi (賈誼; 200–169 BCE), official of the Han dynasty
  • Jia Kui (scholar) (賈逵; 30–101), scholar and astronomer of the Eastern Han dynasty
  • Jia Xu (賈詡; 147–223), official of the Cao Wei state
  • Jia Kui (general) (賈逵; 174–228), general of Cao Wei state
  • Jia Chong (賈充; 217–282), general of the Jin dynasty
  • Jia Nanfeng (賈南風; 257–300), empress of the Jin dynasty
  • Jia Dan (賈耽; 730–805), official of the Tang dynasty
  • [[Jia Su (賈餗; died 835), official of the Tang dynasty
  • Jia Xian (贾宪; 1010–1070), mathematician of the Song dynasty

Film and television[edit]

  • Jia Zhangke (贾樟柯; born 1970), Chinese film director
  • Jia Hongsheng (贾宏声; 1967–2010), Chinese actor
  • JJ Jia (賈曉晨; born 1982), Chinese actress
  • Jia Nailiang (贾乃亮; 賈乃亮; born 1984), Chinese actor

Government and politics[edit]

  • Chia Ching-teh (1880–1960), President of the Republic of China Examination Yuan (1952–1954)
  • Jia Deyao (賈德耀; 1880–1940), Republic of China general and politician
  • Jia Zhijie (贾志杰; born 1935), Chinese politician, governor of Gansu and Hubei
  • Jia Chunwang (贾春旺; born 1938), Chinese official of the Supreme People's Procurator
  • Jia Qinglin (贾庆林; born 1940), Chinese politician, member of the Politburo Standing Committee
  • Jia Zhibang (贾治邦; born 1946), Chinese official of the State Forestry Administration
  • Jia Yongsheng (贾永生; born 1947), People's Liberation Army Air Force general
  • Jia Ting'an (贾廷安; born 1952), People's Liberation Army General Political Department general
  • Jia Gaojian (贾高建; born 1959), Chinese official of the Central Compilation and Translation Bureau


  • Jia Lianren (1912–?), Chinese middle distance runner
  • Jia Xiuquan (贾秀全; born 1963), Chinese football manager
  • Jia Guihua (born 1964), Chinese fencer
  • Jia Zhanbo (贾占波; born 1974), Chinese sport shooter
  • Jia Wenpeng (贾文鹏; born 1978), Chinese football midfielder
  • Jia Xiaozhong (贾孝忠; born 1980), Chinese basketball player
  • Jia Yunbing (born 1981), Chinese judo practitioner
  • Jia Dandan (贾丹丹; born 1982), Chinese ice hockey player
  • Jia Yubing (贾昱冰; born 1983), Chinese baseball player
  • Jia Delong (贾德龙; born 1985), Chinese baseball player
  • Jia Juntingxian (born 1986), Chinese Paralympic sprinter
  • Jia Yuping (born 1986), Chinese cross-country skier
  • Jia Tong (贾童; born 1991), Chinese diver
  • Jia Zongyang (贾宗洋; born 1991), Chinese aerial skier
  • Jia Tianzi (贾天子; born 1994), Chinese football midfielder
  • Jia Yifan (贾一凡; born 1997), Chinese badminton player


  • Jia Lanpo (贾兰坡; 1908–2001), Chinese archaeologist
  • Jia Pingwa (贾平娃; born 1952), Chinese writer
  • Jia Yueting (贾跃亭; born 1973), Chinese businessman, founder of Le.com
  • Jia Ling (贾玲; born 1982), Chinese xiangsheng performer
  • Jia Jinglong (贾敬龙; 1986–2016), Chinese protester, executed for murder
  • Jia Hongguang (born 1988), Chinese Paralympic swimmer
  • Jia Junpeng (贾君鹏), Chinese man whose name became associated with a 2009 internet meme
  • Jia Rongqing (贾荣庆; fl. 1968–present), Chinese-born Canadian mathematician
  • Jia Ruhan (贾茹涵), Chinese soprano
  • Xiaohua Jia, Chinese electrical engineer

Fictional characters[edit]

Characters in Dream of the Red Chamber: