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Shanghai International Circuit
Shanghai International Circuit
Jiading in Shanghai
Jiading in Shanghai
CountryPeople's Republic of China
Time zoneUTC+8 (China Standard)
Jiading District
Simplified Chinese嘉定区
Traditional Chinese嘉定區

Jiading is a suburban district of Shanghai. It had a population of 1,471,100 in 2010.


Historically Jiading was a separate municipality/town until it was under the administration of Shanghai in 1958. In 1993 it was changed from a county to a district of Shanghai.[1]

In early Qing dynasty, which overlapped with Southern Ming, the municipality was infamously known for "Jiading Massacre", a mass murder by the invading Qing force led by defected northern Chinese bandit general Li Chengdong (李成棟).[2][3] In late Qing (in 1853), Jiading city [sic] was also known for bandit activities that once captured the city and then Shanghai, as a rebellion of taxation.[4]

In 2005 Jiading District government invested RMB 10 million to build the Shanghai Museum of the Imperial Examination System.[5]


Jiading District is located in the northwestern part of Shanghai. It stretches across 463.9 square kilometers (179.1 sq mi). It is located about 20 kilometres (12 mi) from downtown Shanghai. Jiading District is connected to downtown Shanghai by the Hujia Expressway, the first expressway in China. Jiading District is near Shanghai's Hongqiao Airport but across town from the Pudong International Airport.


Jiading administers several towns including Jiading, Anting, Nanxiang, Huating, Xuhang, Waigang, Huangdu, Malu Town and Jiangqiao.

Subdistricts and towns[edit]

Name Chinese (S) Hanyu Pinyin Shanghainese Romanization Population (2010)[6] Area (km2)
Xincheng Road Subdistrict 新成路街道 Xīnchénglù Jiēdào sin zen lu ka do 55,223 5.14
Zhenxin Subdistrict 真新街道 Zhēnxīn Jiēdào tzen sin ka do 106,164 5.09
Jiadingzhen Subdistrict 嘉定镇街道 Jiādìngzhèn Jiēdào ka din tzen ka do 81,854 4.10
Nanxiang town 南翔镇 Nánxiáng Zhèn neu zian tzen 139,845 33.31
Anting town 安亭镇 Āntíng Zhèn eu din tzen 232,503 89.29
Malu town 马陆镇 Mǎlù Zhèn mau loq tzen 172,864 57.16
Xuhang town 徐行镇 Xúháng Zhèn zi raon tzen 165,452 39.91
Huating town 华亭镇 Huátíng Zhèn rau din tzen 46,355 39.57
Waigang town 外冈镇 Wàigāng Zhèn nga kaon tzen 80,896 50.95
Jiangqiao town 江桥镇 jiāng qiáo Zhèn kaon djio tzen 256,218 42.37
Jiading Industrial Zone 嘉定工业区 Jiādìng Gōngyèqū ka din kon gniq chiu 72,933 78.10
Juyuan New Area Administrative Committee 菊园新区管委会 Yúyuán Xīnqū Guǎn Wěihuì cioq yeu sin chiu kueu we 60,924 18.61


A map of "Kia-ting-hien" from Du Halde's 1735 Description of China, based on accounts by Jesuit missionaries

Shanghai University has a campus in downtown Jiading, which is where SILC is based.

The Shanghai International Circuit is located in Jiading. Each year in April the Shanghai International Circuit holds the Chinese Grand Prix.

The Jiading Confucian Temple is one of the best conserved Confucian temples in China. It has gone through several repairs in the past 800 years.

The Fahua Pagoda located in central Jiading is a tetragonal brick-wooden pagoda with seven floors and a height of 40.85 meters (134.0 ft).

The Bamboo Carving Museum, covering bamboo carving over the past 400 years since the mid-Ming Dynasty.


Shanghai Jiading F.C. is the local football club of the district.


There are numerous international hotels within the Jiading district. Among the most famous are Sheraton Shanghai Jiading Hotel and the Crowne Plaza Shanghai Anting, the latter one being the first five star international hotel in Jiading.

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Jiading is currently served by two metro lines operated by Shanghai Metro:


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