Jiang Daming

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This is a Chinese name; the family name is Jiang.

Jiang Daming (Chinese: 姜大明; pinyin: Jiāng Dàmíng; born 1953) is a politician of the People's Republic of China. He is the Minister of Land and Resources,[1] and formerly served as Governor of Shandong province.


Jiang joined the Communist Party of China in 1976, and in 1982 received a doctorate in philosophy from Heilongjiang University. He also received degrees in management at the Harbin Institute of Technology in 1996 and politics at the Central Party School of the Communist Party of China in 2001. He has held numerous positions, including in Heilongjiang's production development team, vice-chairman of the All-China Youth Federation, member of the standing committee of the Shandong provincial committee and head of its organization department, vice-secretary and organization department head of the Shandong provincial committee, and Communist Party secretary of Jinan city. In May 2007, he also became secretary of the Shandong government Party group. In June of the same year, he was elevated to vice-governor of Shandong province, and the acting governor. In January 2008, he formally became governor of Shandong province.[2] He was appointed to the Minister of Land and Resources on March 2013.[3]



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