Jiang Kun (comedian)

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Jiang Kun
Jiang Kun at Meiji University 20111127b.jpg
Jiang Kun at Meiji University, Tokyo, on November 27, 2011
Background information
Chinese name 姜昆 (simplified)
Pinyin Jiāng Kūn (Mandarin)
Born (1950-11-19) November 19, 1950 (age 67)
Beijing, China
Occupation Xiangsheng performer
Years active 1976–present

Jiang Kun (simplified Chinese: 姜昆; Pinyin: Jiāng Kūn; born November 19, 1950[1]) is a Chinese comedian, specializing in the xiangsheng trade.[1] A native of Beijing, China,[1] he was a disciple of another renowned comedian, Ma Ji. Jiang Kun currently acts as deputy chairman of the Association of Chinese Folk Art. In 1976, he was transferred to the Central Radio Broadcasting Backstage Rap Group, whilst studying under Ma Ji. In 1985, Jiang Kun was elected Vice-Chairman of the Chinese Ballad Singers Association. In the same year, he replaced his mentor Ma Ji, and took on the duties as the Head of the China Radio Broadcasting Rap Group, and was also elected a member of the Standing Committee of the China Youth Federation. In recent years, Kun has been a regular performer on prominent events such as the CCTV New Year's Gala, the largest annual television event in the world (by viewership).

Famous works[edit]

  • "Drunken"
  • "Injections"
  • "Anxious"
  • "Learning to sing"
  • "Elevators Adventure"
  • "Poetry and Love"
  • "So Camera"
  • "I am a little dizzy"
  • "Big News"
  • "Best Network"


On February 11, 2007, Jiang Kun was awarded the World Outstanding Chinese Award.[2]


He has starred in the 2008 Chinese documentary, 震撼世界的七日 (loosely translated as The World Shook in 7 Days).[3]


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