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Jiang Wenli
Born (1969-06-20) 20 June 1969 (age 50)
ResidenceBeijing, China
Alma materBeijing Film Academy
Years active1989–present
Spouse(s)Gu Changwei
ChildrenGu Hehe (son)
Gu Meimei (foster daughter)[1]
Parent(s)Jiang Peiji
RelativesMa Sichun (niece)
FamilyJiang Wenjuan
AwardsFull list
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese蔣雯麗
Simplified Chinese蒋雯丽

Jiang Wenli (Chinese: 蒋雯丽, born 20 June 1969) is a Chinese actress, director, producer, and screenwriter. A native of Tianjin, she graduated from the Beijing Film Academy in 1992.[2] Li ranked 52nd on Forbes China Celebrity 100 list in 2014.[3]

Early life[edit]

Jiang was born into an affluent family. Her father Jiang Peiji (蒋培基) was a railroad engineer and her mother was a railroad telephone operator.[4] Both of her parents love literature and the arts. She is the youngest of three sisters, her elder sister is Jiang Wenjuan (蒋文娟).[4] Since Jiang was a young girl, her father taught her to appreciate famous books, paintings, and songs. When she was 5 years old, she dreamt about being a gymnast, so her mother sent her to study dance and gymnastics. However, since her stature did not fit the standards of a gymnast, the coach of the Bengbu city gymnastics team refused to regard her as a formal team member. Afterwards, she spent five years practicing as an informal member. At the age of 17, she took the college entrance examination with the goal of going to normal university. However, she was instead accepted by a water conservation secondary school because her score was five points below the acceptance line for a normal university. In 1986, she graduated from the secondary school and started to work at the Bengbu City Water Company. Her job was to design ways of water transportation for residents. Nevertheless, she was not satisfied with her life at the time and decided to go to Beijing in 1988 to start her new life.

Her niece Ma Sichun (daughter of Jiang Wenjuan) is also an active actress now.


Without any preparation, Jiang was accepted by the Beijing Film Academy. After she became a student of the academy, countless film companies invited her to play roles in their films. Her first role was a nursery school teacher in a TV series called Lily on Cliff, and that series won the Flying Apsaras Awards the same year. Jiang was also a candidate for the Best Supporting Actress award. After this, she played Shuixiu in the movie Li Li Yuan Shang Cao, which won an award at a French film festival. The last film of her college period was The Story of Xing Hua in which Jiang played a girl named Xing Hua. After graduating from college, she went to America for a long time before returning to China to continue her career.

After coming back to China, Jiang played a role in Miaomiao Liu’s movie The Story of Xinghua. In 1993, she played an important role as Chengyi’s mother in the movie Farewell My Concubine, which won the Best Movie Award at the Cannes Film Festival that year. In 1999, Jiang acted in a 20 episode TV series called Lead by the Hand, and for her performance she won one of the Chinese television industry's highest honors, Best Actress, from both the Golden Eagle Awards and the Flying Apsaras Awards. In 2000, for her performance in the film Female Coach & Male Player, Jiang won the Best Actress award from Huabiao Film Awards.

Personal life[edit]

Jiang Wenli was married to Gu Changwei, the couple has a son Gu Hehe (顾哈哈).[4]



Project X-traction || 狂怒沙暴 || ||[18]
Year English title Chinese title Role Notes
1989 漓漓原上草 Shui Xiu
1991 A Mysterious Couple 神秘夫妻 Bai Li
1992 The Story of Xinghua 杏花三月天 Xinghua
1993 Farewell My Concubine 霸王别姬 Mother of Xiao Douzi
1996 Family Matters 家事 Yi Xin
1997 Mr. Zhao 赵先生 Lin Cao
The Cat Steals Eyes 猫眼神偷 Miss. Wang
1999 Female Coach & Male Player 女帅男兵 Wen Jie
2000 The Gua Sha Treatment 刮痧 Jian Ning [5]
2003 Taiwan Story 台湾往事 The Mother [6]
2005 Shuangshuang and Her Cat 双双与小猫 Shuangshuang's mother
2006 The Winter of Three Persons 三个人的冬天 Yun Feng
2007 And the Spring Comes 立春 Wang Cailing [7]
2008 Lost Indulgence 秘岸 Fan Li [8]
2009 Lan 我们天上见 Dentist Wang also director, producer, writer [9]
2010 Major Secretary 第一书记 The Judge [10]
2011 Love for Life 最爱 Liang Fang [11]
Son of the Stars 星星的孩子 associate producer
2013 Clear Truth 白相 [12]
2014 Love on the Cloud 微爱之渐入佳境 The landlord Cameo
2015 The Left Ear 左耳 Xu Yi's mother Cameo
The Master 师父 Zou Rong [13]
Distance 再见,在也不见 Xie Hong [14]
July Water 七月流水 Xiu Lan
2016 A Wishing Tree 一棵心中的许愿树
2017 Our Time Will Come 明月几时有 Mao Dun's wife [15]
2018 Nice to Meet You 遇见你真好 Housemaster also producer [16]
2019 Midnight Diner 深夜食堂 Guest appearance[17]

Television series[edit]

Year English title Chinese title Role Notes
1989 Cliff Lilies 悬崖百合 Su Shan
1991 On the Mountain of Horse Race 跑马溜溜的山上 Sister Li
1993 Shenheyuan 神禾塬 Mei Lian
1995 Son of the Earth 大地之子 Jiang Yuemei
1997 Holding Hands 牵手 Xia Xiaoxue
Sunset in the Forbidden City 日落紫禁城 Consort Zhen
Waiting One Thousand Years 千年等一回 A Xiu
1998 Love You 爱你 Xu Wan [19]
Guo Moruo and Anna 郭沫若与安娜 Anna [20]
2000 Warning Line 警戒线 Li Jingwei [21]
2001 Black Ice 黑冰 Wang Jingwen [22]
The Grand Mansion Gate 大宅门 Bai Yuting [23]
2002 Unusual Citizen 非常公民 Wan Rong [24]
2003 The Grand Mansion Gate 2 大宅门2 Bai Yuting [25]
2004 爱过我,放了我 Wen Qiang [26]
I'm Looking Forward to Being Loved 好想好想谈恋爱 Tan Ailin [27]
Chinese Divorce 中国式离婚 Lin Xiaofeng [28]
2005 Deep Breath 深呼吸 Xiao Xiumeng [29]
2006 Madam Yu Ching 玉卿嫂 Madam Yu Ching [30]
2007 Golden Anniversary 金婚 Wen Li [31]
2008 Seven Days that Shocked the World 震撼世界的七日 Du Lijuan [32]
2009 Blood Marriage 血色婚姻 Xu Ke [33]
2011 Happiness Knocks the Door 幸福来敲门 Jiang Lu [34]
2013 Mother Wants to Remarry 娘要嫁人 Qi Zhifang [35]
Woman Gang 女人帮 Zhu Li [36]
2014 The Love Is Inconceivable 爱情最美丽 Niu Meili [37]
2016 Keep the Marriage as Jade 守身如玉 Su Ran [38]
Hey, Kids 嘿,孩子 Fang Yun [39]
2017 The Flowers and Distant Place 花儿与远方 Hao Yulan [40]
2018 The Story of Zheng Yang Gate 正阳门下小女人 Xu Huizhen [41]
TBA The Corner of Love 转角之恋 Fang Ling [42]
Dancing in the Storm 风暴舞 [43]
Rights and Benefits 权与利 Qin Huinan [44]

[45] [46]

Awards and nominations[edit]

Film awards[edit]

Year Nominated work Award Result Notes
Huabiao Film Awards
1999 (6th) Female Coach & Male Player Outstanding Actress Won [47]
2003 (10th) Taiwan Story Won [48]
Golden Rooster Awards
2003 (23rd) Taiwan Story Best Actress Nominated
2009 (27th) And the Spring Comes Won [49]
2011 (28th) Lan Best Directorial Debut Nominated
2017 (31st) The Final Master Best Supporting Actress Nominated
Hundred Flowers Film Awards
2012 (31st) Love for Life Best Supporting Actress Nominated
Golden Horse Awards
2011 (48th) Love for Life Best Supporting Actress Nominated
2015 (52nd) The Final Master Nominated
Asian Film Awards
2009 (3rd) And the Spring Comes Best Actress Nominated
Chinese Film Media Awards
2002 (2nd) The Gua Sha Treatment Best Actress Nominated
2009 (9th) And the Spring Comes Nominated
Golden Phoenix Awards
2001 (8th) Society Award N/A Won [50]
2005 (10th) Won
Macau International Movie Festival
2009 (1st) Lan Best Director Won [51]
Rome International Film Festival
2007 And the Spring Comes Best Actress Won [52]
Chinese American Film Festival
2009 (5th) And the Spring Comes Best Actress Won [53]

Television series awards[edit]

Year Nominated work Award Result Notes
Magnolia Awards
2008 (14th) Golden Anniversary Best Actress Won [54]
2013 (19th) Mother Wants to Remarry Nominated
2019 (25th) The Story of Zheng Yang Gate Won [55]
Gold Panda Awards
2013 (12th) Mother Wants to Remarry Best Actress Won [56]
Flying Apsaras Awards
1989 (9th) Cliff Lilies Outstanding Supporting Actress Nominated
1999 (19th) Holding Hands Outstanding Actress Won
2009 Golden Marriage Nominated
2011 Happiness Knocks the Door Won [57]
Golden Eagle Awards
1999 (17th) Holding Hands Best Actress Nominated
2008 (24th) Golden Anniversary Won [58]
China Golden Eagle TV Arts Festival
2008 (7th) Golden Anniversary Best Performing Arts Award Won [59]
Most Popular Actress Won
The Actors of China Award Ceremony
2019 (6th) Best Actress (Sapphire Category) The Story of Zheng Yang Gate Nominated [60]
2019 26th Huading Awards Best Actress The Story of Zheng Yang Gate Nominated [61]


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