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Jianghai garden[1](Chinese name: 江海风情园)is a cultural and natural ecologically friendly park. It lies in the south of Haimen Nantong, near the Yangtze River.

Brief introduction[edit]

Jianghai garden is established by Sanchang professional high school of Haimen. It covers 350 hectares. It uses rurality, landscape and simplicity as the carrier to blends river amorous feeling and folk culture an organic whole. It visually shows the agricultural civilization of Haimen's past, present and future. After two years' construction, it is revealing the veil to show the its tranquil natural beauty.

The eight areas[edit]

  • Jianghai folk culture area
  • Traditional farming culture area
  • modern agriculture demonstration area
  • Future agriculture demonstration area
  • Resident holiday recreational area
  • Primary and middle school students' cognition and plowing trying area
  • Agricultural professional education area
  • Agricultural information and commerce area

Purpose and importance[edit]

It is an experimental park for middle and primary school's quality-oriented education in Nantong, which provides students with an extracurricular activities camp. At the same time, it offers residents a place for entertainment.


  • Grain tower (Chinese name: 五谷塔), called as "the first tower in Haimen", is like a pagoda and straight into blue sky.
  • Culture museum records the history of Haimen. There are special customs and tradition took on in the museum and many famous people's statues.
  • Zhangjian,[2] who is the number one scholar in the late Qing Dynasty, whose statue is exhibited there.
  • Jianghai Renjia(Chinese name: 江海人家), once peasants lived in, is a place you can experience the rural life.
  • Water bridge, which is on the surface of water, is very long.


Everything there is full of cultural flavour. It is said that people who get a traditional marriage in Jianghai garden will be happy and everlasting.


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