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Skyline of Jiangjin along the Yangtze.
Skyline of Jiangjin along the Yangtze.
Jiangjin District in Chongqing
Jiangjin District in Chongqing
Country China
Region Chongqing
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)

Jiangjin (Chinese: 江津; pinyin: Jiāngjīn Qū), one of districts of Southwest Chongqing, China, lies along the upper reaches of Yangtze River, and has a history extending back more than 1500 years. The district covers 3200 square kilometres and supports a population of 1,460,000.[1] Jiangjin is 50 km away by highway, 65 km away by railway and 72 km away by waterway from Yuzhong of Chongqing city.


Jiangjin District administers 23 townships and 3 subdistricts.


Jiangjin enjoys a history of more than 1500 years. Established in 487 C. E., Jiangzhou County was renamed Jiangyang County in 557 C. E. and renamed Jiangyang County in 583 C. E. In 1983, Jiangjin County placed under the administration of Chongqing city. However, in 1992, the Jiangjin County was promoted to a city level, and was called Jiangjin City. In 2006, the status of Jiangjin City was changed to Jiangjin District, Chongjin, a county-level division of Chongqing.

Geographical setting[edit]

The waterfront garden along riverside road in Jiangjin, Chongqing


Jiangjin lies within central China at 105°49′—106°38′of longitude and 28°28′—29°28′of north latitude. The landscape and topography of Jiangjin slopes from high elevations in the south and low in the north. Luohuangzhongba stands at the lowest elevation (178.5 m). The highest site, Wugongba in Simian Mountain, reaches an elevation of 1709.4 m. The average elevation of downtown Jiangjin is 209.7 m, with a flood stage designated at an elevation of 199.13 m.

Climate and weather[edit]

The subtropical monsoon climate features an annual average temperature of 18.4°C, a monthly average temperature of 7.7°C in January and 28.5°C in July, with total annual radiation of 1273.6 hrs, total annual rainfall of 1030.7 mm, a frost-free period of 341 days and annual average relative humidity of 81%.

A view of Zhongshan Ancient Town, Jiangjin, Chongqing


At present, six national-level highways provide transportation corridors to Jiangjin. For example, both the Chengdu-Chongqinq and Yuqin freeways serve to ease traffic problems in Jiangjin. The Luohuang Yangtse River Railway Bridge and Jiangjin Yangtze River Bridge provide convenient access to Jiangjin. The Yangtze River pass through Jiangjin, creating a 305 km long waterway including tributary waterways in the District; Jiangjin has five nationally recognized deep-watered ports along its rivers.


  • Jiangjin, as one of several important citrus producing areas in China, has a long history of citrus cultivation. The famous 'Jincheng' orange originated here. Major agricultural products include rice, wheat, soybean, sweet potato, pepper corn, vegetables and fruits. Animal husbandry includes pig farms and fisheries.
  • In 2006,the total annual GDP was CNY14.894 billion and the annual average income per copita is CNY10,458 in Jangjin.


The waterfall in Simian Mountain, Jiangjin, Chongqing

One of the famous tourist attractions in Jiangjin, Simian Mountain, is known for its natural beauty, featuring flourishing forests, lakes, rivers and waterfalls, located only 140 km from the Chongqing downtown area.

Another famous tourist attraction is the Zhongshan Ancient Town, with a historical record of its existence dating 850 or so years back to the Song Dynasty. A more recent tourist attraction is Aiqing Tianti, a mountain path with 6,000 steps built by Liu Guogang for his wife Xu Zhaoqing. The path is scene as a symbol of dedication and love between Liu and Xu and hence attracted many tourists to visit the path and their secluded home.

Special Local Products[edit]

Jiangjin is known for its production of Laobaigan, a strong limpid liquor usually with an alcohol level of near or above 60 proof. Mihuatang, sweet and crisp dessert produced in Jiangjin, is mainly made of puffed rice and sesame.

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