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Jiangling Motors Corporation Limited
TypePublic limited company[citation needed]
SZSE: 000550
PredecessorJMCG truck production division
Key people
  • Tiangao Qiu (Chairman)
  • David Schoch (Vice Chairman)
  • Thomas Fann (President)
Production output
Increase 336,315 (2020)[1]
RevenueIncrease ¥33.09 billion RMB (2020)[1]
Increase ¥0.61 billion RMB (2020)[1]
Increase ¥0.55 billion RMB (2020)[1]
Total assetsIncrease ¥28.18 billion RMB (2020)[1]
Total equityIncrease ¥10.99 billion RMB (2020)[1]
Number of employees
DivisionsJMC Yusheng
Chinese name
Simplified Chinese江铃汽车股份有限公司
Traditional Chinese江鈴汽車股份有限公司

Jiangling Motors Corporation Limited, abbreviated JMC, is a Chinese automobile manufacturer. According to company and press reports, the largest shareholder of JMC is Jiangling Investment, a company controlled equally by the state-owned enterprises Changan and Jiangling Motors Corporation Group (JMCG).[2][3]


The history of Jiangling Motors Corporation (JMC) can be traced to a truck repair shop opened in Nanchang in 1947 which operated under the name Nanchang Motors Repair Factory. A JMC predecessor started assembling vehicles in 1968. The company was granted the approval of Jiangxi Province Economic Restructuring Commission to be reorganized to establish a joint stock limited company on February 20, 1993. JMC A shares and B shares were listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange on December 1, 1993, and September 29, 1995, respectively.[citation needed]

In the 1990s, Ford lost a bid against American rival General Motors for getting a joint venture deal with the Chinese manufacturer SAIC Motor.[4] In 1995, as part of its push for getting new Chinese partners, Ford acquired B shares equivalent to a 20% equity in JMC, becoming the second-largest shareholder.[5][6] In 1996, JMC began selling its products in overseas markets, initially Egypt and the Middle East.[6] As of 2021, the largest overseas market by volume for JMC is Chile.[7] In 1997, JMC and Ford started the production of their first joint product, the Ford Transit, with JMC supplying various key components (as engines and axles)[6] and Ford the design. In 1998, after JMC issued additional B shares, Ford upped its stake to 30%.[5][6] In 2013, Ford purchased more B shares, increasing its stake to over 30%.[8]

In late 2010, Jiangling released the first passenger vehicle of JMC under the newly launched JMC Yusheng sub-brand, the Yusheng S350 SUV.[9]

In 2013, JMC reorganised the heavy truck manufacturer Changan Taiyuan as a wholly owned subsidiary named JMC Heavy Duty Vehicle.[10] In mid-2021, JMC Heavy Duty Vehicle was sold to Volvo Trucks.[11]

In December 2021, JMC and Ford established a Shanghai-based joint venture focused on the production of passenger cars. The venture is called Jiangling Ford Motor Technology (Shanghai) Company (Jiangling Ford). JMC owns a 51% and Ford a 49% of its stake.[12]


Production bases[edit]

JMC produces vehicles under the JMC, JMC Yusheng and Ford brands. It has assembly plants around Nanchang (at Qingyunpu and the Xiaolan Economic Zone).[13] JMC also has a new energy vehicle plant (the Fushan plant) in the Xiaolan Economic Zone.[14]


JMC (Jiangling)[edit]

A brand mainly for commercial vehicles

A JMC Teshun photographed in Shanghai, China
A JMC Boarding photographed in Cancun, Mexico
A JMC Yusheng photographed in Shanghai, China
A JMC Yunba photographed in Dandong, China


A brand for passenger vehicles.

Licensed Ford production[edit]

New energy vehicle[edit]

  • Yusheng S330 EV/PHEV (proposed)

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