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Jiangsu University
Jiangsu University logo.png
Former names
Jiangsu University of Science and Technology
Zhenjiang Medical College
Zhenjiang Teachers’ College
Motto 博学 求是 明德[1]
Motto in English
Be erudite, practical and virtuous[2]
Type Public university
Established Originated in 1902, combined and renamed in 2001
President Yuan Shouqi
Academic staff
Administrative staff
Students 34100
Undergraduates 29200
Postgraduates 4300 Masters, 600 PhD
Location Zhenjiang, Jiangsu,  People's Republic of China
Campus Urban area
Website www.ujs.edu.cn

Jiangsu University (simplified Chinese: 江苏大学; traditional Chinese: 江蘇大學; pinyin: Jiāngsū Dàxué) is a highly ranked and prestigious doctoral research university located in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province, People's Republic of China (PRC).

History and overview[edit]

Jiangsu University was established through the combination of Jiangsu University of Science and Technology, Zhenjiang Medical College and Zhenjiang Teachers’ College, under the permission of the Chinese Ministry of Education in August, 2001.[3] Its main institution was the former Jiangsu University of Science and Technology, which was one of the 88 key universities designated by the State Council in 1978.[4] Its history began with Sanjiang Normal School founded in 1902, which evolved and renamed Liangjiang Normal School in 1906, Nanjing Higher Normal School in 1915, National Southeastern University in 1921, Disi Zhongshan University in 1927, Jiangsu University in February and Central University in March 1928, and Nanjing University in 1949. Nanjing University Engineering College became Nanjing Polytechnic Institute in 1952 and then in 1960 a part of it became independent and moved to Zhenjiang next year and later became Jiangsu University of Science and Technology. It renamed Jiangsu University when merged with two colleges in the same city in 2001.

Jiangsu University (JSU) was founded in 1902 as a part of Sanjiang Normal University. It was retitled as Jiangsu University by integrating Jiangsu University of Science and Technology, Zhenjiang Medical College and Zhenjiang Teachers’ College with the approval of the Ministry of Education of China in August, 2001. The university’s undergraduate teaching was graded excellent by the Ministry of Education in 2004. It has developed to be a national comprehensive key university. According to the Evaluations of China’s Universities in 2017, 2016 and 2015 by China Academy of Management Science, JSU is ranked 41, 48 and 55, respectively. It is committed to cultivating talents with 4C (Confidence, Communication, Cooperation and Creation). Now the university is launching the new orientation of schooling for high-level, research-oriented university with strength of engineering and strategy of internationalization.

JSU offers 88 undergraduate programs, 170 master programs, and 42 PhD programs in 10 academic fields: Engineering, Science, Management, Economics, Medicine, Law, Education, Literature and History. The university has 13 post-doctoral research stations. Distinguished among its peers for its academic rigor, the 24 schools are competing and collaborating with each other for a high-level, research-oriented university with distinctive features and internationalization strategy.

JSU has 5,763 staff members (including those of Affiliated Hospital). 2,475 are faculty members, including 450 professors. 54% of them have got Ph.D degrees and over 24% have experience of overseas study. The current total enrollment of full-time students amounts to over 33,000, including 10,000 postgraduates, 842 international students from 74 countries. Jingjiang College of Jiangsu University has an enrollment of about 10,000 full-time students.

JSU has been promoting high-level research. In the recent 5 years, the total scientific research fund amounts to 25 billion RMB, sponsored by the governments and enterprises. The authorized patents in 2014 ranked 12 and in 2015 ranked 6 among China’s universities. Five disciplines have been ranked as top 1% in ESI, such as Engineering, Clinical Medicine, Materials Science, Chemistry, and Agriculture Science. Drawing on the big varieties of programs and multi-disciplinary strengths, we operate an array of research institutes and centers serving as both the academic think tanks and technological innovation source at the national and regional levels.

JSU gives priorities to the internationalization of the schooling, encouraging faculty members and students to go abroad for further studies, inviting more global talents to join us for mutual benefits, promoting international research collaboration as well as recruiting more overseas students.

JSU has signed institutional cooperation agreements with 87 universities in 30 countries and regions by June 2015. The Confucius Institute co-built by JSU and Graz University (Austria) has been operating smoothly since October 2010, followed by the opening of the collaborative Chinese-German Language and Culture Center.


Schools and departments[edit]

The university is organized into the following schools and departments.[5]

  • School of Medicine
  • School of Medical Technology
  • School of Food and Biological Engineering
  • School of Business Administration
  • School of Mechanical Engineering
  • School of Material Science & Engineering
  • School of Finance & Economics
  • School of Electrical and Information Engineering
  • School of Environment
  • School of Computer Science and Telecommunication Engineering
  • School of Science
  • School of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • School of Foreign Languages
  • School of Art
  • School of Energy and Power Engineering
  • School of Automotive and Traffic Engineering
  • School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
  • School of Pharmacy
  • School of Law
  • School of Teacher's Education
  • Jingjiang College

Domestic academic collaboration in China[edit]

Jiangsu University maintains a large and extensive network of domestic academic and scientific collaboration with a large number of the universities in this official list of universities within the People's Republic of China (PRC) as well as with:

International academic collaboration[edit]


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