Jianguo Road (Beijing)

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Coordinates: 39°54′29″N 116°32′17″E / 39.908°N 116.538°E / 39.908; 116.538

Jianguo Road
Jianguo Road from a pedestrian bridge
Major junctions
West end Chang'an Avenue
East end Tongzhou District
Highway system
Jianguo Road.jpg

Jianguo Road (simplified Chinese: 建国路; traditional Chinese: 建國路; pinyin: Jiànguó Lù) is a major road in eastern Beijing. It forms part of the extended Chang'an Avenue.

It runs from the Dabeiyao crossing (Guomao Bridge) in the west to the start of the Jingtong Expressway in the east, although it also acts as an auxiliary road to the expressway.

It also runs through the heartland of the Beijing CBD. The Soho New Town building complex is alongside Jianguo Road.

The Jianguo Road as an auxiliary road to the Jingtong Expressway runs into Tongzhou District.

Line 1 of the Beijing subway runs along the route until Sihui East; the Batong Line runs as of the Sihui station.