Jianning County

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About this sound Jianning  (simplified Chinese: 建宁县; traditional Chinese: 建寧縣; pinyin: Jiànníng xiàn) lies in the municipal region of Sanming, Fujian, China.


Jianning is rather remote; its county-town Suicheng (濉城) is serviced only by three provincially maintained roads, namely:

On September 26, 2013, the Xiangtang–Putian Railway entered service, connecting Jianning to China's railway network.


Towns (镇, zhen)[edit]

Other than the county seat Suicheng, Jianning has only three towns -

Townships (乡, xiang)[edit]

There are six townships -

  • Xiyuan (溪源)
  • Huangfang (黄坊)
  • Huangbu (黄埠)
  • Kefang (客坊)
  • Yijia (伊家)
  • Jinxi (金溪)


Coordinates: 26°57′40″N 116°50′42″E / 26.961246°N 116.845093°E / 26.961246; 116.845093