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Jianshanopodia decora.jpg
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Genus: Jianshanopodia
Species: J. decora
Binomial name
Jianshanopodia decora
Liu et al., 2006

Jianshanopodia decora is a Cambrian lobopod. Its frontal, grasping[1] appendages bear wedge-shaped plates. Its limbs branch,[2] instead of being tipped with claws as many lobopods' are.[1] It has a sediment-filled gut surrounded by serially repeated diverticulae.[1][2] It is thought to have sucked up prey with its short 'trunk'.[1] It mainly crawled on the sea floor, but could swim when necessary.[1] Its mouth resembles those of anomalocaridids and priapulids.[3][4]


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