Jianshi, Hsinchu

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Coordinates: 24°34′34″N 121°18′29″E / 24.57611°N 121.30806°E / 24.57611; 121.30806

Jianshi Township
Smangus in Yufeng Village, Jianshi Township
Smangus in Yufeng Village, Jianshi Township
Jianshi Township in Hsinchu County
Jianshi Township in Hsinchu County
LocationHsinchu County, Taiwan
 • Total528 km2 (204 sq mi)
 (July 2018)
 • Total9,648
 • Density18/km2 (47/sq mi)
Jianshi Township Office

Jianshi Township (Chinese: 尖石鄉; pinyin: Jiānshí Xiāng) is a mountain indigenous township in Hsinchu County in northern Taiwan. It had an estimated population of 9,420 as of January 2017.[1] The main population is the indigenous Atayal people.[2]

Administrative divisions[edit]

  • Jiale Village
  • Yixing Village
  • Xinle Village
  • Jinbing Village
  • Meihua Village
  • Yufeng Village
  • Xiuluan Village

Tourist attraction[edit]

Notable natives[edit]


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