Jianyang District

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  Jianyang in Nanping
  Jianyang in Nanping
Jianyang is located in Fujian
Location in Fujian
Coordinates: 27°19′55″N 118°07′12″E / 27.332°N 118.120°E / 27.332; 118.120Coordinates: 27°19′55″N 118°07′12″E / 27.332°N 118.120°E / 27.332; 118.120
CountryPeople's Republic of China
Prefecture-level cityNanping
 • CPC District Committee SecretaryYang Xinqiang
Area code(s)0599
Vehicle registration闽H
Jianyang District
Traditional Chinese建陽區
Simplified Chinese建阳区
Alternative Chinese name

Jianyang is a district in Nanping prefecture in the northern part of Fujian province, People's Republic of China. Its population was 2,910,000 at the 2013.

Jianyang has rich natural resources: bamboo, tea and water power.


From the 11th to the 17th century, commercial publishers established in the area used local bamboo for paper manufacturing and made the area one of the three largest book-producing areas in China in the Song (960–1279) and Yuan (1271–1368) dynasties. The area continued to be an important printing center into the Ming epoch (1368–1644).[1]

Starting in the Southern Song (1127–1279), the county was served by the Chong'an trade route, which connected Quanzhou on the Fujian coast (the nation's major port for trade with Southeast Asia in those days) with northeastern Jiangxi province. This route allowed shipping of local products, notably books, to the major markets of the lower Yangtze region using mostly water transport, with just a few portages.[1]

Jian ware was produced here during the Song dynasty. Master Xiong Zhonggui's Jiyufang Laolong kiln (吉玉坊老龍窯), located in a village near the town of Shuiji, has been able to restart production of Jian Zhan using original clay.[2][3][4]


2 Subdistricts[edit]

Tancheng (潭城街道)

Tongyou (童游街道)

8 Towns[edit]

Jiangkou (将口镇)

Xushi (徐市镇)

Jukou (莒口镇)

Masha (麻沙镇)

Huangkeng (黄坑镇)

Shuiji (水吉镇)

Zhangdun (漳墩镇)

Xiaohu (小湖镇)

3 Townships[edit]

Chongluo (崇雒乡)

Shuifang (水坊乡)

Huilong (回龙乡)



National Highway[edit]

County-level Road (县道)[edit]

  • X809
  • X817
  • X819


Famous people[edit]

Jianyang bore a famous teacher Fu Ping Hua, who is one of the most respected teachers of the city.

Chu Hsi was a philosopher of the Song Dynasty who taught in Kaoting College in Jianyang.

You Zuo (游酢) is a scholar in the Chinese idiom "程门立雪".

Song Ci (宋慈) is author of Collection of Grievance Relief Stories (《洗冤集录》).

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