Jiaoxi, Yilan

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Jiaoxi Township in Yilan County
Jiaoxi Township

Jiaoxi Township (Chinese: 礁溪鄉; Hanyu Pinyin: Jiāoxī Xiāng; Tongyong Pinyin: Jiaosi Siang; Wade–Giles: Chiao1-hsi1 Hsiang1; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Ta-khoe) or Chiaohsi Township is a rural township in the northern part of Yilan County, Taiwan.[1]


Administrative divisions[edit]

Baiyun, Yushi, Deyang, Dazhong, Dayi, Liujie, Erlong, Shichao, Yutian, Sanmin, Linmei, Baie, Yuguang, Guangwu, Wusha, Longtan, Paolun and Erjie Village.


Tourist attractions[edit]

Jiaoxi is famous for its hot springs. These attract large numbers of visitors so as the result, Jiaoxi has become a favorite weekend resort, mostly people from Taipei, featuring an array of hotels from the budget to the luxurious. There is also a few free public hot springs, mostly sheltered, where visitors can enjoy a leisurely foot bath at any time.

In March 2012, it was named one of the Top 10 Small Tourist Towns by the Tourism Bureau of Taiwan.[2]


  • Jiaoxi Hot Spring Festival[3]


Jiaoxi is served by the Yilan Line of Taiwan Railway Administration. Another convenient way of transportation to/from Taipei and further to Yilan City is by bus route that passes through Snow Mountain Tunnel. It is operated by Kamalan Bus Inc. and Capital Star (首都之星)。The Provincial Highway 9 also served the township.

Notable natives[edit]


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Coordinates: 24°49′N 121°46′E / 24.817°N 121.767°E / 24.817; 121.767