Jiaoxi, Yilan

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Jiaoxi Township in Yilan County
Jiaoxi Township

Jiaoxi Township (Chinese: 礁溪鄉; Hanyu Pinyin: Jiāoxī Xiāng; Tongyong Pinyin: Jiaosi Siang; Wade–Giles: Chiao1-hsi1 Hsiang1; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Ta-khoe) or Chiaohsi Township is a rural township in the northern part of Yilan County, Taiwan.[1]


Administrative divisions[edit]

Baiyun Village, Yushi Village, Deyang Village, Dazhong Village, Dayi Village, Liujie Village, Erlong Village, Shichao Village, Yutian Village, Sanmin Village, Linmei Village, Baie Village, Yuguang Village, Guangwu Village, Wusha Village, Longtan Village, Paolun Village and Erjie Village.


Tourist attractions[edit]

Jiaoxi is famous for its hot springs. These attract large numbers of visitors so as the result, Jiaoxi has become a favorite weekend resort, featuring an array of hotels from the budget to the luxurious. There is also a few free public hot springs, mostly sheltered, where visitors can enjoy a leisurely foot bath at any time.

In March 2012, it was named one of the Top 10 Small Tourist Towns by the Tourism Bureau of Taiwan.[2]


Jiaoxi is served by the Yilan Line of Taiwan Railway Administration. Another convenient way of transportation to/from Taipei and further to Yilan City is by bus route that passes through Snow Mountain Tunnel. It is operated by Kamalan Bus Inc. and Capital Star (首都之星)。

Notable natives[edit]


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