Jibana people

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Total population
35,216 [1]
Regions with significant populations
African Traditional Religion, Christianity
Related ethnic groups
Mijikenda, other Bantu peoples

The Jibana or Dzihana people are an ethnic group from Kenya and a subgroup of the Mijikenda. There are approximately 75,000 of them, all kijibana speakers.Jibana community live in Kaloleni subcounty of kilifi county.Just like the other Mijikenda communities,they have an organized clans which trace their origin from the ancient ancestors.There economic activities are mainly farming,hunters and gatherers and cattle keeper.Most Jibana people depend on maize farming as their substantial food.Their political system consists of a family where the father is the head. The father is responsible for provision of food and security to the family as well as a councilor.

Religiously,they are traditional believers believing on God called Mulungu and execute their prayers in sacred shrines known as Kaya.In nowadays,most of them have adopted the foreign religions Christianity being dominant.


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