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Map of Bahrain showing Jidd Haffs municipality

Jidhafs (Arabic: جد حفص‎, romanizedJid Ḥafṣ) is a city in Bahrain. It was a municipality of Bahrain in the northern part of the country. Its territory is now in the Capital and Northern Governorate. It is about 3 km west of the capital Manama.[citation needed] It is neighbored by the villages of Al Daih and Sanabis to the north, Al Musala and Tashan to the south, Jibilat Habshi and Muqsha to the west. The city's population is about 11,000.[citation needed]


The Bahraini historian and researcher Mohammed bin Ali Al Tajer states in his book Aqd Al Lalali Fi Tarikh Awal[page needed] that the word "Jid" translates to 'coast'. As such, the term 'Jid Hafs' is understood to translate to the "Coast of Hafs".

Coordinates: 26°13′27″N 50°32′22″E / 26.22417°N 50.53944°E / 26.22417; 50.53944