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Jigger may refer to:

Tools and machines[edit]

  • Jigger (bartending), used to measure out a jigger (1.5 US fluid ounces) of liquor
  • Pallet jack, used to lift and move pallets
  • Hydraulic jigger, a hydraulically powered mechanical winch
  • Ice jigger, used for setting fish nets under ice between two distant holes
  • Jigger, a machine for the shaping of clay body into flatware by the differential rotation of a profile tool and mould


  • Handcar (hand-operated) or speeder (motorized), a railway car mostly used for maintenance
  • Jiggermast, the aftmost mast of a four-masted sailing ship

Arts and entertainment[edit]



Other uses[edit]

See also[edit]

  • Jiggerpole, a very long fishing pole used with a very short and very heavy line