Jigjidiin Mönkhbat

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This is a Mongolian name. The given name is Mönkhbat, and Jigjidiin is a patronymic, not a family name.
Jigjidiin Mönkhbat
Medal record
Men's Freestyle Wrestling
Representing  Mongolia
Olympic Games
Silver medal – second place 1968 Mexico City Middleweight
World Championships
Bronze medal – third place 1967 New Delhi 87 kg

Jigjidiin Mönkhbat (Mongolian: Жигжидийн Мөнхбат; born June 1, 1941) is a retired Mongolian wrestler. At the 1968 Summer Olympics he won the silver medal in the men's Freestyle Middleweight category, behind gold medalist Boris Michail Gurevich of the Soviet Union and ahead of bronze medalist Prodan Gardzhev of Bulgaria.[1] He is the father of professional sumo wrestler Hakuhō Shō, who holds the top rank of Yokozuna in that sport.

Mönkhbat is a Titan in Mongolian wrestling, a top rank in the sport, with six Naadam championship wins (1963–1967, 1974). Five times were in a row, a feat achieved by only two other athletes in the modern history of Mongolian wrestling (since 1922). His name Monkhbat means "Eternal firm" in the Mongolian language.


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