Jihad and Reform Front

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Jihad and Reform Front
جبهة الجهاد والإصلاح
Participant in the Iraq War
64330jihad reform.png
Logo of the Jihad and Reform Front
Active2 May 2007 - 18 December 2011
January 2014 – present
IdeologySunni Islamism
Iraqi Nationalism
Battles and war(s)Islamic Army–al-Qaeda conflict

The Jihad and Reform Front, or Reformation and Jihad Front, is a Sunni insurgent coalition that announced their formation on May 2, 2007.[1] The announcement was posted on several jihadist websites.

The Front is officially opposed to and critical of Al-Qaida in Iraq, and is composed of three groups, to include the Islamic Army in Iraq, the Mujahideen Army and some senior leaders from the Sharia Commission of Ansar al-Sunnah, according to the Front's founding notice. Leaflets recently plastered on walls in the western city of Fallujah said another insurgent group, the 1920 Revolution Brigades, may have joined the front as well.


According to Newsvine.com, its announced goals are as follows: "expelling the occupiers, establishing religion, government by Sharia, and a moderate approach to Islamic doctrine (i.e. against strict enforcement and Takfiri practices). It rejects the legitimacy of the constitution, 'sectarian elections', and the al-Maliki government. It calls on all factions of the Iraqi insurgency to join with it, and specifically invites the 1920 Revolution Brigade, and urges all to avoid side battles at the expense of the main battle against the American occupation." [1]

Member Groups[edit]

Army of Jihad
Army of the Tabieen
Muhammad al-Fatah Battalion
Upright Battalion
1920 Revolution Brigade
Dawa and Frontier Companies
Soldiers of the Most Merciful Companies
Jaish al-Rashideen
Army of the Muslims
Iraqi Islamic Jihad Movement[2]


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