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Jill Belland
Jill Belland crop 2009-09-08.jpg
Jill Belland in 2009
Born Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Residence Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Nationality Canadian
Education Studied at the University of Calgary in the Faculty of Communications and Culture with a concentration in Media Studies
Occupation TV host and producer
Employer City Calgary

Jill Belland is a Canadian TV personality based in Calgary, Alberta. She serves as a producer at City Calgary,[1][2] where she is the former "On Location Host" of Breakfast Television.[3]

Early life[edit]

Belland was born in Edmonton and moved to Calgary at a young age.[3] She studied classical piano and trained to be a singer.[3] Belland studied at the University of Calgary in the Faculty of Communications and Culture with a concentration in Media Studies.[3]

She joined the Calgary Stampeders Outriders cheerleading squad, which she was part of for four years.[3] While with the Stampeders, she sang the national anthem at home games.[3] Belland has also worked as a stage actress, performing in local productions such as Jesus Hopped the "A" Train,[4] The Full Monty,[1] and Man Out of Joint.[5][6]


Belland was hired by A-Channel in Calgary[2] (CKAL-TV was previously known as A-Channel, and is now known as City Calgary). Her initial job was "Coffee Girl" doing various gopher tasks for The Big Breakfast TV show.[1][2] She then assisted in production with the Big Breakfast show and the station's news department.[3]

In 2004 Belland was hired as an entertainment reporter for the show MTV Select.[2] (at the time A-Channel and MTV Canada were both owned by Craig Media). She was then promoted to become host[7] and producer of Wired on A-Channel in 2003.[2][3] She has also served as a host of Your City,[1] Citytv's weekday evening show. Belland became the host and producer of The City Show, a weekend show, that won the Rosie award for "Best News Information Series" by the Alberta Motion Picture Industries Association (AMPIA) in 2006.[3][8][9] The City Show and Your City were cancelled in January 2010.

Belland has won AMPIA's "Best Host" award for 2009, 2010, and 2011.[2] Belland was voted "Sexiest Women" in Calgary by Fast Forward Weekly readers in 2009.[10] In 2011 she won another Rosie as Best TV Host for the Breakfast Show.[11] Belland was included in Avenue Magazine's 2011 "Top 40 Under 40" list of Calgarian's.[2]

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