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Jill Davie is the Chef de Cuisine at Josie, a Los Angeles restaurant owned by Josie Le Balch. Davie has worked at Josie Restaurant since its founding in 2001. She has appeared as a prominent guest chef on several Food Network shows. She was a contestant on The Next Iron Chef, but was eliminated in week two of the competition.

Davie studied at the Culinary Institute of America, and was one of the Top Ten Student Chefs in 1996. She received the Food and Wine Baby Chef award by Julia Child.[1] She also gained public notice as Sunkist's Lemon Lady, writing articles for their web site[2] and travelling around the world to appearances to promote lemons.[3] She is also the co-host (with David Myers of Shopping With Chefs on Fine Living TV.

Television appearances[edit]

  • Hot Chefs: South Beach
  • Ultimate Restaurants - piece on Josie
  • Date Plate - guest chef
  • Party Starters - guest chef
  • The Next Iron Chef
  • Food Network Challenge: "Ultimate Thanksgiving Feast" - judge
  • Shopping With Chefs - host
  • Time Machine Chefs


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