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Jill Meager is an English actor, artist and portrait painter.[1]


Meager studied modern languages at Trinity Hall, Cambridge. She worked for several years as an actor before training as a psychodynamic counsellor. She also worked as a stand-up comedian before studying fine art at the Putney School of Art and Design[2]

As an actor[edit]

Meager has appeared in many roles on television and in film, including Lucy Eyelesbarrow in the 4:50 from Paddington, one of the BBC's adaptations of Miss Marple novels, in 1987. She played Katherine Chipping in the 1984 BBC adaption of the book Goodbye, Mr. Chips. She had a role in the "unofficial" James Bond film Never Say Never Again in 1983. Her other television appearances include Taggart, Bergerac and Hannay.[3]

As an artist[edit]

Meager is currently represented by Espacio Gallery in Shoreditch, London, where her works are exhibited regularly. She also runs Spiritbase.com, where she coaches in creative thinking and leadership. She has worked in many of the major United Kingdom advertising agencies and media organisations, running courses and one-on-one sessions.[4]


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