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Jill Whitlow
Born 1963 (age 53–54)
Years active 1981-1993

Jill Whitlow (born November 11, 1963) is an American motion picture and television actress who achieved her greatest recognition during the 1980s. She is best remembered by American audiences for her role in the 1986 cult horror film Night of the Creeps. But she also starred in an action film called Thunder Run, which was released in 1986. And she had small roles in Porky's (1982), Mask (1985), and Weird Science (1985). She appeared on a 1984 episode of T.J. Hooker called "The Two Faces of Betsy Morgan". In recent years, Whitlow has developed something of a cult following and there is a web site dedicated to her. Her fans have professed she is an outstanding and beautiful actress who was never given just due for her fine performances. They have praised her portrayal of an action heroine in Night of the Creeps and pointed out that she was one of the pioneers and it paved the way for future action heroines like Linda Hamilton, Sandra Bullock, and Angelina Jolie.[citation needed] It has also been pointed out that Whitlow possessed a combination of assertiveness and vulnerability that made her characters sensual without being sleazy.

Jill also appears in the music video "Hungry" (1988) by rock band Winger.

Other roles[edit]

Role Production Title
Tena Tidy Neat and Tidy: Adventures Beyond Belief
Barbara Gamble Freddy's Nightmares
Dana Mirador Swamp Thing, television series
Girl Otherworld

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