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Jillaroo may refer to:

  • Jillaroo (trainee), young woman in training on a station in Australia. However unlike the male version 'Jackaroo' a Jillaroo even with years of experience can be continued to be called a Jillaroo without a feeling of being undervalued. Many are a 'Jill of all trades' so are respected. Where as if an experienced 'Jackaroo' is still called this with experience he and his mates will consider it an insult especially in the northern cattle areas of Australia. These men prefer to be called a 'ringer' or 'stockman'. A female can be called a 'ringer' or 'stockwoman'. There is a move away from all these slang names to make all of these people men and women in the livestock industry either to be called a 'stockperson' or if on a property a 'stationhand'.

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