Jim & Ingrid Croce

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Jim & Ingrid Croce
Jim Croce - Jim & Ingrid Croce.jpg
Studio album by Jim Croce
Released September 1969[1]
Recorded August 3 - September 12, 1968
Genre Folk
Length 27:42
Label Capitol
Producer Terry Cashman,
Gene Pistilli,
Tommy West
Jim Croce chronology
Jim & Ingrid Croce
You Don't Mess Around with Jim
(1972)You Don't Mess Around with Jim1972
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic2/5 stars[2]

Jim & Ingrid Croce is an album by American singer-songwriter Jim Croce and his wife Ingrid, released in 1969. The album has been rereleased with alternate titles such as "Bombs over Puerto Rico", "Another Day, Another Town", and "Approaching Day".

Track listing[edit]

1."Age"Jim Croce, Ingrid Croce2:15
2."Spin, Spin, Spin"Jim Croce, Ingrid Croce2:46
3."I Am Who I Am"Jim Croce, Ingrid Croce2:31
4."What Do People Do"Jim Croce, Ingrid Croce1:55
5."Another Day, Another Town"Jim Croce2:31
6."Vespers"Jim Croce, Ingrid Croce1:58
7."Big Wheel"Jim Croce1:52
8."Just Another Day"Jim Croce, Ingrid Croce2:38
9."The Next Man That I Marry"Gene Pistilli, Terry Cashman, Tommy West3:05
10."What the Hell"Gene Pistilli, Terry Cashman, Tommy West3:12
11."The Man That is Me"Jim Croce, Ingrid Croce2:53

The album was re-released on Capitol Records as Jim & Ingrid Croce: Another Day Another Town, with 2 songs omitted and the tracks rearranged in the following order:[3]

Track listing[edit]

1."Another Day, Another Town"Jim Croce,2:27
2."Vespers"Jim Croce, Ingrid Croce2:00
3."Big Wheel"Jim Croce1:50
4."Age"Jim Croce, Ingrid Croce2:12
5."What Do People Do"Jim Croce, Ingrid Croce1:51
6."Just Another Day"Jim Croce, Ingrid Croce2:35
7."What the Hell"Gene Pistilli, Terry Cashman, Tommy West3:07
8."The Man That is Me"Jim Croce, Ingrid Croce2:50
9."Spin, Spin, Spin"Jim Croce, Ingrid Croce2:43



  • Producers: Terry Cashman, Gene Pistilli, Tommy West


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