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Jim Aikin
Born James Douglas Aikin
1948 (age 68–69)
Occupation Editor, teacher, writer (music technology, science fiction)
Nationality United States
Citizenship United States
Notable works

Music Technology

  • Software Synthesizers: The Definitive Guide to Virtual Musical Instruments
  • Power Tools for Synthesizer Programming

Science fiction

  • Walk the Moons Road
  • The Wall at the Edge of the World

Jim Aikin (born 1948 as James Douglas Aikin)[1][2] is an American science fiction writer based in Livermore, California. He is also a music technology writer, an interactive fiction writer, freelance editor and writer, cellist, and teacher. He frequently writes articles for various music industry magazines, including Electronic Musician, Keyboard Magazine, and Mix.[3][4]

Aikin sold his first fiction story to Fantasy & Science Fiction where it appeared in the February 1981 issue.[3]


All titles listed chronologically.

Short works[edit]

  • Cleaving, Amazing, November 1984
  • Statues, Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, November 1984
  • Dance for the King, Omni, November 1984
  • My Life in the Jungle, Fantasy & Science Fiction, February 1985
  • A Place to Stay for a Little While, Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, 1986
  • Dancing Among Ghosts, Fantasy & Science Fiction, February 1988
  • Run! Run!, Fantasy & Science Fiction, September 2008
  • An Elvish Sword of Great Antiquity, Fantasy & Science Fiction, January 2009
  • Leaving the Station, Asimov's Science Fiction, December 2009


  • Beyond Armageddon (1985, "My Life in the Jungle")
  • The Year’s Best Fantasy Stories 13 (1987, "A Place to Stay for a Little While")
  • The Omni Book of Science Fiction 6 (1989, "Dance for the King")
  • The Year’s Best Fantasy: Second Annual Collection (1989, "Dancing Among Ghosts")


Interactive fiction[edit]

  • Not Just an Ordinary Ballerina (1999)
  • Last Resort (2006)
  • Lydia's Heart (2007)
  • Mrs. Pepper's Nasty Secret (2008, with Eric Eve)
  • April in Paris (2008)
  • A Flustered Duck (2009; winner of the Spring Thing)

Non-fiction works[edit]

As editor[edit]

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