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Jim Dean in 2011

James H. Dean is chair of Democracy for America (DFA), the nation's largest political action committee based in Burlington, Vermont.

DFA was founded in 2004 after the presidential campaign of Dean's brother, former Vermont Governor Howard Dean. Jim Dean has raised money, given speeches, and organized for DFA in his home state of Connecticut. He is “committed to strengthening grassroots participation and the recruitment and election of fiscally responsible and socially progressive candidates to all levels of government” through Democracy for America.

Dean currently travels across the country promoting grassroots and progressive activism in all levels of government through DFA’s training academies. Dean also takes part in national fund-raising efforts for the organization.

Jim Dean frequently appears on various media outlets and programs, including “Meet the Press,” "Air America Radio," “This is America” with Jon Elliott, “The Bev Smith Show”, and the “Thom Hartmann Program.”

In an interview with Truthout.com, Dean is quoted as saying, “Democracy is not a spectator sport, and politics is way too important to be left up to the politicians.” [1]

Jim Dean also raised money for his brother's previous political campaigns, and worked full-time on Howard Dean's first race, his 1986 run for lieutenant governor of Vermont.

Before 2002, Dean worked in marketing, business development, and sales at Yankelovich Partners and Greenfield Online.

Jim, his wife Virginia, and their three children live in Fairfield, Connecticut. James, Howard, and their brother Bill were brothers of the late Charles Dean.

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